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    Ok, so this girl is about a month and a half old, and it's got some issues. The growth isn't stunted, but the old leaves are turning yellow and the third set of leaves was actually crispy when I checked them and I removed the crispy parts, but the 1st and 2nd set are just yellow. The newest growth doesn't really show it. I wasn't nuting when it started, so I assumed nitrogen deficiency and started nuting. The newer growth was greener, but there's still small yellow spots in the middle and on the jagged edges. What is this? And what was with the crispy leaves? I have a soil ph meter, it tells me the ph is at 6.5 -6.6. My temps got hot for an hour or 2 in the high 80s, but that wouldn't cause crispy leaves 5 sets down would it? I normally keep it between 78-82 during the day and high 60s lower 70s at night. Humidity is 30-50%. I'm using jacks nutes, classic. It's a 20-20-20 mix with all the micronutrients. Could this be lack of light? I was using a 150 hps but worked my way up to 1000 when they were ready. The first pic was when I first noticed it and started nuting. The nest set of leaves was like the second pic. The latest set looks nearly perfect. Thanks in advance! image.jpg image.jpg
  2. new growth looking healthy is a good sign, prop just a nute deficiency.  The old growth isn't going to recover much but the fact that the new growth is looking healthy is great. keep it up man
  3. Your nutes are to hot for MJ, you should only apply nutes @ 25%... 5/5/5
  4. Idk about all that. I have 4 other plants that aren't burnt. Do you have any sources to cite for that information by chance? Thanks!
    BTW: Just so you'll know, I don't remember saying anything about your plants being burnt, simply stating my opinion about the N/P/K values of your nutes. I've not been offering diagnosis much later, gets a bit disconcerting attempting to extract information for a definitive resolution.
  6. thanks man. What i'm concerned about is that the old growth is dying off. the next set of leaves was brittle today. i'm not sure what's going on. Is nitrogen deficiency the only thing that can do this?
  7. I just read that it may be because of the light switch. I'm giving them Jack's classic 20-20-20, at the strength stated on the back, but I read that they're going to need a lot more nutrients because of going to more intense lighting. I went from 150 to 1000. Is that possible? I was doing half strength nutes, now at full. the new growth is very much greener than the rest and looks beautiful, but i'm worried about the older growth dying off. I also noticed my other plant around the same age also has yellowing leaves on the bottom, but it's more splochy, and none of them are brittle. Should I add more nutes? It just seems like not enough nitrogen.
  8. I'll bet it's relative to your fertilizer regimen being to hot. So, If you're willing to get me an accurate ph run-off measurement, I'll tell you what's ailing your girl... the solution is always answered in the run-off.
  9. i don't get runoff. my pots are large. so how exactly should i go about this? take a soil sample and get run-off off that? thanks so much!
  10.  You need to run through enough water (distilled is good to use), so when the first runs out the bottom, you then ph test the measurement. If your tap water ph's around 7, you could go ahead and do that if you wanted but you'll need something to accurately test ph run-off, strips/meter? The meter you say you have, it's for soil, not water, correct? If you don't have a water ph meter, you'll need to at least pick up some cheap ph water/soil/saliva strips. How large are the pots?
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    you are correct, but i'm going to cave and get a water ph tester today. i just fed them, normally i feed them around 200ml of water 2 times a weeks. I'm afraid of drowning my plants, should i always water until it drips at the bottom? thanks for the quick response. the next set of leaves went a bit brittle. Anything that was slightly brown or yellow is now turning brittle. But the top stays fine. there's yellow on the jagged edges of some leaves, others it's just the tip which is turning brittle. also, the pots are 7 gallon.
  12. BUMP. anyone still on that can assist this? would more pics help? on my way to get a water ph tester
  13. just got a ph tester
  14. might be rootbound, 1.5 mo is a long time in one pot, esp anything <5 gal
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    These are in 7 gallon pots bro, and i can guarantee they aren't rootbound. I checked the PH runoff, it's 7.15 - 7.25. I'm using tap water to water them. Tap water rates at about 7.5 with nutes. It's in between there for reg tap water. So there's my problem, how do i fix it? thanks so much guys!
  16. *bump*. sorry guys, but I really need help on this one. I'm going to get some PH down. Any specific procedure I should follow here? My nutes have all the chemicals they need, the plant just isn't soaking them up, thats the concept I'm getting out of this. that's true?
  17. You're in a tight spot, Bud... alkalinity in your tap water has built your ph to an unacceptable level, better get some commercial ph down or it will continue to build.
  18. I poured a gallon of correct ph water through it, the run came off at 6.7 - 6.8. I added an extremely low does of nutes to replenish the lost nitrogen, magnesium, phosphorus, and all other macro/micro nutrients. We'll see how she responds...
  19. This I understood, which is why I already got some ph down and did what i stated in my previous post. thanks for all your help man! I'm hopeful you just helped me save my plant.
  20. I don't think your plant was that bad, just getting there and needed immediate correction.

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