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  1. Not sure if there's another thread like this, so my apologies if there is.

    I love audio, car or home. I'd like to keep this thread based around your favorite place to really listen to music. While cars are great, I love being at home, relaxed and just enjoy my music. So how do you enjoy? Are you a high-end audiophile lover? Maybe you like headphones better? Or maybe you're like me and love to hunt old school stuff. Also what types of music do you listen to?

    So I will start. I love early audio stuff, when speakers weren't tiny cubes. Huge Cerwin Vega fan. I mostly stop by Goodwill's and hunt CL. My musical tastes run all over but usually dubstep, electronic, jazz, lounge, revival, swing, rock and even some classical is the norm depending on my mood.

    Started like this a month ago. Sony 5.1 receiver, restored Cerwin Vega 240 SE's and Cerwin Vega HT-CTR center...


    Grills on...

    I have been hunting for some Cerwin Vega 380 SE's for the front and then move the 240's to surround duty... They are hard to find really and weight makes it tough to ship usually. So today a pair of Infinity CS 3009's followed me home and will do for now ;) and yes they are pretty big (50in. Plasma for comparison)...


    Yes they have grills lol, need a little cabinet work (real oak, has me reconsidering all black lol). Its a fun hobby and affordable if you hunt a bit. Next quest is an amp to drive these big boys (300 watts rms each:eek:) but they sound great off the Sonys internal for now.

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