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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by phiegnux, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. id like to know who on GC understands the importance of sound quality. specifically, car sound systems. make yourselves noticed and tell us what you have. describe your setuo and tell us what ride you bump ur shit it (pardon my ebonics).

    i recently, with every dime of my graduation cash, spent close to 800 dollars on a new setup (new to me), in my 01 impala that i got not too long ago. my subs are (2) 12" infinity reference, powered by a 2 channel PPI A300 Art series amp. this system is quite unique. infinity no longer make reference in this model. and the amp is really something special; its from the days when PPI meant raw power. its a competion amp for this reason: it has on it a tid bit of art and when combined with many other amps in the series, a large murial was created. then they'd hook them all up to a system. i'd be shocked as hell to find another one near my area.

    the whole set up is built to bump but it does so much more. the rap bass is killer (and ive been told unbearable) and rock is supreme because the subs are so damn responsive makin double bass drums sound great.

    sound is what its all about people.
  2. c'mon people, i refuse to believe im the only one in GC that owns a sound system.

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