Attracted To Co Worker On Business Trip

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  1. Hey whats up blades!

    So I'm actually on my first business trip here in wonderful California. They're just happens to be a representative from our competitor company here along with us. She is cute humble smart and Asian. The total package right?

    Of course I just met the girl and I am here on business but so far we've hit it off well. She lives in the same state as me but about 5 hours away.

    I asked if she had any children to scope it out and she said no but her parents are pressuring her jokingly and that she needed a bf first so she is single.

    So we've been getting along fine and we went frolicking on the beach at sunset. She is the shy type and I'm having trouble reading her!

    I'm a pretty funny dude but she was even fake laughing at a few jokes that weren't funny.

    Sexual advances are off the table , she's not like that and it could be a career killer. I have her number so the question is should I express my interst in her when our business is done ( in person ).

    If anything it would be a LTR but this girl is so sweet and cute smart etc. Not to mention Asian! ( love it)

    So what do you think blades ? Risk hearing shit at the water cooler and go for it? I'm up for a promotion this week so its a sensitive time. Yikes !
  2. Two words.   Sexual.  Harassment.  Get her number.  Ask her out on a date after the trip.  Go on a few dates.  Fuck her brains out.   
  3. I'm a pretty funny dude, but she faked laugh at jokes that weren't you aren't funny?
  4. Fohunntwenty if you're going to troll, do it right.

    TS, call her up and take her out! You know, one drink leads to another, and before you know it the roofies have kicked in and you're in the parking lot of the Golden Corral having your way with her :)
  5. Dude you should go for it.  You're golden!
    I've worked in a few industries and in 99% of cases nobody really gives a shit if you are fucking the competition. Unless there is a piece of the puzzle you're not sharing with us, I don't see why there should be a conflict. ;)
  6. In California everyday is your lucky day. If you want a relationship i dont know what to tell you, distant relationships dont really workout. But try to fuck her at least. 
  7. trips....uhmm what company do you work for? is your company hiring? can you give me a refrence? im a good worker
  8. If she was fake laughing it's a good sign unless she was just trying to be nice.
    Good sign you know she likes you are she laughs at every dumb joke you say.
  9. 4real tho i would just play it like it is. i would represent your part of the "company" in a professional maner.  dont go out there trying to fuck. look at it from the girls point of view. most times, guys are just trying to fuck her. so maybe you can be a breath of fresh air.
    dont get me wrong, if u have the chance grab it. maybe try and have an agrement first that you rather not talk about yalls personal life with people at the office, and respect her to. enjoy her company but dont bring up sex. let her want it first.
    have fun.
    ps-ask her for a drink.

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