Attn Pros. Easy part done. now for the tricky part

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by GrowaPlant, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. 2009-12-06 19.21.24.jpg

    2009-12-06 19.25.05.jpg

    2009-12-06 19.27.14.jpg

    so in your opinion hows it look?
  2. Looks like you did a nice job.......tricky part?....perhaps, but the words I'm thinking of are more like fun, challenging, engaging, and downright awesome.

    Seriously, that's a nice grow box, you should be able to grow some nice plants. Looks like you did your homework. It's nice to see you studied the forums, used what you learned and put it to good use

    Good luck on the next phase of your project.....................


    Oh, and BTW.....Welcome to GC.
  3. Nice box man! Love that DIY. Whatcha gonna grow in there?
  4. Not working with the seeds I want yet. we'll see how it goes until i get the right ones,

    thanks guys
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    I think it looks great.. One thing I noticed though is how far away your cfl's are from your plants. You'll want to keep the cfl's between 2-4 inches from the plants or you'll end up with really stretchy plants quick. Fluorescent lighting is low intensity. Good luck man.. Reminds me of a refrigerator I used to grow in. :)

    *Edit: I cant tell from the pics, but you'll want to use daylight (6500k) cfl's for veg and soft white (2700k) cfl's for bloom.. When I used cfl's I got the best results by using a mix of both for veg and flower. Check out Kamels cfl guide.. It's a sticky here in this forum.
  6. Good looking box man. And yes lower your cfls. I have had a good grow with cfls and they were never more than 2" from the top of the plants. Also if you are going to use cfls the entire grow you should LST the plants or ScrOG them because the light doesnt penetrate so you want everything to be level and receiving the same light.

    I just built my own box as well. Putting the finishing touches on it atm. You should check it out in my sig. #4.

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