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Discussion in 'General' started by evo, Dec 24, 2002.

  1. nevermind the originol post.i just read the shit your facing so my questions were out of me if you want to talk.maybe i can help you figure something many oxy, percocet did you have on you at the time?what type of container were they in?sounds dumb, but the type of container does make a difference
  2. First off, you have to understand that oxys are indeed the biggest problem around here so the cops and judges are working hard to make it clean.

    But anyway, I had 3 oxy 80s, 5 oxy 40s, 10 oxy 20s, and 40 perc 10s. Plus the quarter of weed I had and 250.00 dollars cash on me. The pills were in a pill bottle with no label on them. But I was busted because someone ratted me out and the cops were waiting for me as soon as I hit town limits. (Just wait until I find out who it is.......). So they even took my money because they said it was drug money that I had collected today. Mind you, I DO NOT AND HAVE NEVER DEALT DRUGS!!!!!!! What I have is for my personal use and I tried to explain that to them. So they fed me a bullshit statement about anything over 3 pills is automatically a charge of intent to sell. life is going to hell very quickly!!!!!!!

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