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  1. Hey just been looking for a great indoor strain with a high yield, any suggestions greatly appreciated
  2. Ripper seeds. Criminal +. It's what I use and its awesome

  3. WWxBB,

    Truth be told any strain will yield after you grow it a few times, and get to know it.
  4. Indica sativa? Veg time and what were your average yields?
  5. True, I'm growing some barneys farm blue cheese right now just trying to find my next strain
  6. The criminal was real good I kept it at 20 on 4 off for almost 90 days and it flowered for about 8 wks I kept it small and it yielded about 2 oz. And that's on 3 small ultra sun cfls and no nutes just water. It is a fem/auto strain. It's a indica high very good high. I think is like 18-19%
  7. That's awesome I'll have to check it out.

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