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  1. im about to place my first order from attitude and i am unsure how to ship them...i live in the southern east coast of the i really need to get them shipped guaranteed stealth pakage...i will but if the other shipping options are safe(meaning i will recieve them) then ill just stick with that...n please dont tell me to just tryin to get peoples opinions
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    i got seeds from them a few months ago and i got the basic shiping the very cheapest and it was It was VERY stealthy if you ask me.

    TheAttiude is a great company i was very pleased.

    Please don't discuss the shipping methods used by seed banks
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    thanks for the response
    about how long did they take to get to you?
  4. do you people realize that what you say on here can be read by anyone including customs???!! how can something stay stealthy if you just revealed it. :devious:
  5. Yeah please don't say exactly how u got them. cmon seriously
  6. Yeah Really Common sense is all it takes.

    You dont have to go with the "Super Stealth" option. I didnt.

    Attitude is Cool with me. :cool:
  7. it took about 7-8days for me to get them.

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