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  1. Hey guys I just wanted to make it known attitude is having a sell. Spend about $47 usd and get 5 seeds free. The free seeds are amnesia, Bubba, og kush, dinaseeds fruit and El aquimista.....

    So I bought 4 white widow x big bud seeds, Barney farms vanilla kush, and Maui waui. Has anyone ever grown these strains? I ask because flow time is 0-8 weeks I wonder if that's accurate I mean I will let them go 10 just wanna know.they will be bushy by 8. Thanks for any help!
  2. Just bought from the 'Tude as well...spent over $200 and of course the day after I dropped $200 they dropped their UFO Cali Connection Blue Dream Haze FEM freebie from needing to spend over $188 to only $150 wtf is that!! Haha, but I would HIGHLY suggest you go longer than 8 weeks, maybe even longer than 10 for that Maui Waui...not sure about the Vanilla Kush (I was going to pick up a few but couldn't spend anymore money) I think the VK by Barneys is an Indica, so 9-10 weeks should be enough flower time...the only real way to check is to look at the trichomes with a mico., but I'm sure you know that. Good luck, and start a journal! Wanna watch that Vanilla Kush grow.
  3. Remember that it takes plants up to 2 weeks to start flowering from when you flip to 12/12 lighting also. The breeders don't count that in their flowering time estimates.

    It's better to simply run a strain longer than they suggest. It's bad practice to pull early though.
  4. I will definitely not pull early. I'm just curious because I wanna make bubble hash soon lol. Anybody ever do that with the trimmings? How is it?
  5. I just started q vanilla kush about a week and a half in slow growing at first but starting to pick up.
  6. wait what?

    You you mean they are having a SALE?

  7. I've never made bubble hash, I have done ice water hash though. Idk if that's something you're interested in. I took a few pics and explained how I made it on my grow journal, the link is below.
  8. Ill check it out I have heard that shits good to.

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