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Attitude seeds...

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Chuck Fiasco, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. My order from them has been "origin post is preparing shipment" since 11/1/13...its obviously 1/20/14 now...should I consider my order a casuality of war? And no, I didnt get the guarantee from attitude. They basically told me tough shit when i contacted them about a month ago. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  2. Customs has it. If you didn't get the guarantee, Attitude isn't likely to do anything for you other than offer some samples on your next order (which is likely to get seized if they don't make some changes to their shipping).
  3. I want to order so attitude seeds online and found about attitude seeds, it seems legit but want to get other reviews if possible. Any other information will help
  4. Hi, have only used Attitude seeds and never had a problem. Always specify Remove from breeders pack and Stealth packaging , i always pick the Wallet and haven't had a problem. Last order arrived in 10 days to Australia, pretty good and great freebies. Hope this helps,
     Cheers CZ512
  5. There's been a problem with orders to the US. A friend had three orders grabbed.
  6. had my orderes siezed since august from the tude. if you live in the Midwest and they gotta go thru Chicago customs then you're screwed they are guaranteed to get green taped. Herbies delivered my seeds in 4 days my last order. it sucks that they dont run monthly promos like the tude but id rather less freebies than no seeds at all.
  7. Here's a tip to anyone looking to order from attitude. I ordered from them 2 months ago and I received my package in about about 2 weeks. I had the garunteed stealth with a t shirt. Well I opened it up and all that was in the was the t shirt. Customs nabbed the seeds. So I told attitude about it and sent em a pic of the package with green tape and they sent me a new one without a problem. But in the email I made sure to tell them not to use ANY measure of stealth just put em in a bubble envelope because that kind of mail is electronically sorted and gets through easier. Larger packages like with a tshirt are manually hand sorted. But they re shipped and the package was at my door in a week and worked out great. Just a tip guys! Also... It was Chicago customs that got it. I think the second time it went through customs on the west coast. So I hope this helps guys Outgrow the Feds!

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