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  1. Just wanted to stop in and give them a good review.
    I ordered:
    1 Northern Lights Fem
    and got
    1 Thai Fantasy Auto freebie
    I just wanted to test the water with ordering online and it seems to have worked out great.
    Shipping took exactly 1 week including the 2 days it was in customs (New York). Arrived at my house about an hour ago on the east coast.
    The seeds look good with no cracks, the t-shirt isn't really something I'd wear but that's not why I bought it.
    Going to germ them now, I'll report back and let you know of any success.
    So far they have a 10/10 in my book but I'll see how to germ goes before I make it official.

    Nice first post man. How many do you have to do to get your gold star?
  3. Thai Fantasy germinated but the seed died in the soil before it even sprouted. No clue how that happened. The Northern Lights is germinating. I hope it lives because that's the one I really wanted. Hoping to take some clones from it.
    Not sure what you mean.
  4. It isn't looking good for the NL seed. It didn't sink in the pre soak and it isn't doing anything in the paper towel. I know it's not me since I normally get 90-100% rate with regular bag seeds.
    Just a warning, the NL seed was from Ministry of Cannabis and the Thai Fantasy was from Kannabia (or something like that). The seeds looked fine but they are not doing well at all. The Thai Fantasy died in the soil and the NL seed appears to have been DOA.
    I still give Attitude a good review since the seeds didn't appear to be bad and they arrived quickly. Just beware when ordering from the breeders listed above. Maybe I just got a bad batch and with only 1 of each there wasn't any room for error.
    It's probably not even worth making a big deal out of it with Attitude since sending them back would be a waste of money and time.
  5. lesson to be learned ...don't buy just one seed of a strain.
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    Yep. But like I said, I just wanted to test the water with this online ordering stuff. This was my first ever.

    Decided to give Herbies a try and have 10 Seedsman Northern Lights, 4 White Widow, and some mixed strain in the mail.

    I'm willing to accept that first order as just bad luck and I'd try the breeders again.
    Nice that you took the time to give this. Thanks  :metal:
  8. I was reading a article of seed banks and they was stating that attitude was using freezers and the seeds are old and that it will affect the germination rate and so one be honest I really don't know if it true or not was a good read tho...I've used the tude and had a bean fail as well but the freebies made up for it
  9. Store my beans in the freezer( as lots of others do to) With no issues. Just make sure they are dry.
  10. If it's possible the bean may be old, just take a little bit of sandpaper, roll it up into a small tube, put the bean in and shake it around for about 30/40 seconds to scuff up the hardened outer shell so it can absorb water better. I ran into a problem with older beans not cracking, did this and they all cracked just fine. Just don't over do it. You can also use a finger nail file.
    Thanks dude. Never heard of doing that before. I'll keep that in mind if I run into any more problems.
  12. Yea this is a practice in commercial growin for near any plant. Called scarification my friend ;)
  13. Well, I feel like I should take back what I said about the Northern Light seed and Ministry of Cannabis. I took it out of the paper towel yesterday, dropped the seed in the soil without a taproot, and just sat it in the grow room.
    I didn't expect it to do anything, especially since there was a drain pan sitting on top of the pot. But I took the drain pan off this morning and I was greeted by a little sprout. It's now been moved under the light and it's doing just fine. Guess I should have given it a better chance.
    So in other words, all is well.

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