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  1. Hello GC, Many of you have been seeing me around lately, I am sharecropping with a friend of mine(his house my money on everything but electric), for personal use. I wanted a Good indica and a good sativa. After quarrelling over this for weeks we have decided on KC Brains Northern Lights Special and Mandala Seeds Satori. Getting Thai Super Skunk For Free Wait on Outdoor for these Smelly girls.I placed my order on 2/15/09 11:36 ET using the discount code 420 and Guaranteed Stealth Shipping. I Live in The USA East Coast.

    Your Order at The Attitude‏

    From: Sent:Sun 2/15/09 7:27 PM

    Your Order Details...


    Product Code: KC14
    Description: KC Brains Northern Lights Special
    Item Price: GBP 12.99
    Qty: 1
    Total: GBP 12.99

    Product Code:Description: Mandala
    Seeds Satori
    Item Price: GBP 20.00
    Qty: 1
    Total: GBP 20.00


    Your Order Qualified for the following Discount(s):

    Customer care
    Customer CareFREE G13 LABS THAI SUPER SKUNK 5 Reg SEEDS:metal:


    Total Discounts: - GBP 3.30
    Sub Total: GBP 29.69
    Delivery: GBP 15.99

    Total: GBP 45.68


    I will Keep Everyone Updated I paid using a bank issued Visa Linked to a checking account.
  2. Received Tracking Number, Item is Being Transferred to USPS for delivery in United States.
  3. Ten days from ordering on a sunday, Tshirt is actually VERY Nice Cool Design. Discreet Shipping To My Address with My CARD. Transported seeds to my friends house the grow spot and am germinating them may start a journal if he lets me See ya Everyone. Woott
  4. theyre legit. we've had a 100% germ ratio so far on the fems. everything except free seeds came in breeder packs. free seeds were labeled.
  5. Sweet!

    Might I ask the difference between their 5 cannabis seeds or 10 marijuana seeds?
  6. Packs of 5 Cannabis Seeds are USUALLY Feminized Seeds Which Means U Can Only End up with a female plant or a Hermaphrodite. ten cannabis Seeds are USUALLY Regular Male and Female Possibility Seeds. There ARE Exceptions to this Rule, Such as Buying 10 Feminized Seeds. But The Rule Is Good in About 98% of Cases The 5 Packs are FEM. and ten packs are Regular. I BOught Regular Seeds Because Im all NATURAL Grower. I USE NO FERTS and NO Outside Influences. Grow Like Nature Intended Water and All Organic Homemade Soil. I'm Also going to be saving a FEMALE Plant From My Satori and a Male Plant If i Get One From The Thai Super Skunk for my own little Crossing. hope i answered your question.
  7. i bet your pot taste great, but the steroid effect of modern nutes especially designed for cannabis would make it much more potent..
    i need super danky, frosted, dense nuglets to play with. i am a large consumer of quality cannabis. :)
  8. [quote name='tyrone biggums']i bet your pot taste great, but the steroid effect of modern nutes especially designed for cannabis would make it much more potent..

    correct me if im wrong but i thought adding nutes just increased the size growth and vigor of the plant obviously increasing yield but not increasing the actual potency of the individual flowers...

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