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  1. I found this seed bank and I was wondering if it was legit? Anyone have experiences going to the us?
  2. I got mine fine in under a week. Used a prepaid giftcard from Wallgreens (yellow one). Stealthy and fast. Havent germed them yet.
  3. In the states? What strain? You kinda seem like a bot seeing as how this is your first post. No offense.
  4. Yes in the States. White Label NL. Oh and if you type 420 into the coupon code line you get a discount.
  5. is this service safe need some new blood ,and realy what something special , ty for any help , i cant find where to look , im in the usa.
  6. This is a TCB type bank. They are stand up people who go the extra mile !
    Would not use my CC#, sent cash...No Problem.....
    My orders from other banks were not getting through, theirs did.
    Rest easy with this bank !
  7. They are the real deal. I got purchase in about 1.5 weeks.

    Also they have delivery options that 100% guarantee your delivery for (I'm can't exactly remember) they either monetarily pay you back or they will try and try till they get your order.
  8. Got mine in 6 days, fast, discreet. nice shirt and well packaged and well done ( vaccumed sealed and everything)

    I recommend them highly!

  9. i just placed an order myself. i'll let you know how it pans out.
  10. Mine:

    My "T - Shirt" arrived at customs after being "dispatched" from location two days prior. In my mail box after arriving at customs in 8 days.

    Got 4 Cannibisman's Fem WW popping the soil as we speak! :)

  11. A+++++++++++ :smoking:
  12. got my seeds in 6 days with a cool as tshirt. these guys are awesome.
  13. do yall use the guaranteed shipping?
  14. Yea these guys know what their doing. Iv placed many orders and they all come through within a week or so. And use the gaurantee shipping, if you dont then thiers no gaurantee that youll get em.
  15. Got my 2nd order today from them. They're the best! The only reason I could think of to not use them is if there was something you wanted but they didn't carry.
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    Hey stag,

    What method did you use for payment. Sweet grow btw!!! How are you liking the air pots.
  17. lol yea Im always worried about that to.
  18. I was having a really hard time deciding what online seed bank to order from and came across really good reviews here on attitude so I took a chance with them and haven't turned back. If you're on the line about ordering seeds online and you just want a really smooth transaction without paranoia of waiting a long time for your order, use attitude. I read horror stories about people using weird banks and sending their money and the sites closing down and attitudes absolutely not like that.

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