Attitude.. I'm Still waiting...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by SmokingByMyself, Oct 10, 2010.

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  1. Order placed on Sep 25 2010, 20:56 PM

    Status changed to dispatched on Sep 28 2010.

    Still waiting jerks. The only reason I ordered seeds was because I heard good things about their shipping. If it gets here Monday.. that is day 13 of waiting.. In california.. they could literally drive by the coast. and hit my house with my package.. I live in a medical legal state. and I myself am 215 friendly. So what the hell.. Ive heard of hicks in the midwest getting theirs in less time...

    I just needed to vent. As this upsets me. GRRRRRRRRRRRR
  2. great so its pretty much going to be day 14 now. SHIT. they said the max day would be 21 days... i bet u it gets here day 20...
  3. Have you checked th tracking information at USPS? It's really not normal for it to take that long. After a few orders in CA I expect it to take about a week. If the tracking information has been received it's the mail carrier or customs I would be more upset with. Did you choose a guaranteed method when you made your order?
  4. yep shipped with a guranteed parcel. coffee mug.. and usps just says the overseas is preparing to dispatch this mail piece.
  5. also. 3 days with no response to 2 emails. :) love this so much.
  6. Perhaps you should try the shirt next time instead of the mug?

    I get mine within 7-10 days here in socal.

    Also, I've realized when they "dispatch" the order it still hasn't actually mailed. I usually give it 1-3 days before they actually send it. I then "patiently" watch the tracking on USPS. When I see it in NY it should be there within 2 days. This is how it's always been for me.
  7. I'm not quite following why you are angry with Attitude. As it seems they have held true to their commitment up to this point. Seems to me your anger should be directed at U.S. Customs and USPS for taking so long to get them to your doorstep.

    You aren't even past 21day mark yet. So your complaints really aren't even complaints yet. You're just bitching to be bitching IMO.
  8. ok? your input is not helpful . and if u read the end.. "i just needed to vent" then u would understand.. yes it is me bitching. as i have already stated that myself. SOOO instead of pointing out the obvious. keep quiet :)

    Also.. the 21 day mark. would in fact. be a marketing attempt. to give an extended amount of time to assure the delivery of the parcel within a certain time.

    My problem IS with all parties involved. for poor tracking, bad response times, whatever it may be. it is my experience, not yours :) so I am free to BITCH as I please. :)

  9. Mine actually took 15 days but I followed tracking and in was in customs held up most of that time.As soon as it hity NY it is 2 days to me.Ordered twice and will only order from the tude.Had very bad and expensive experience w/ AMS though,all I will say is if it were them I would worry.But w/ attitude they will be there.
  10. If you are going to vent then you should understand people venting back at you. Whining about waiting when it's still within the stated period will definitely provoke some back-venting so suck it up.
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    haha yet another douche bag. comin onto my thread to opeeeeen his mouth. :) hi there Beanbag. you should change your name to teabag. do you work for attitude? are you here to explain to me why it is taking so long? or did u just feel like u would put in your 2 cents?

    [Everybody gets an opinion and disrespect/name calling does not fly here. -FW]

  12. If that's the case then it has indeed been received by Royal Mail and it's a parcel/customs issue. You can use the tracking number on the Royal Mail website and see if there is any information on there. I mean you can blame attitude but it seems so far they have shipped your items. I have never ordered the mug and prefer to keep my shipments as light as possible in shipping containers that are not rigid to keep suspicion to a minimum.
  13. I've been around the shipping block I used to sell alot of things on ebay. Here are some important things to consider when shipping things. USPS sucks boccie balls they lose things often and when it comes to tracking on foreign goods they scan the code and update the tracking info as a courtesy. They are under no obligation to scan and track them. Also is your package is seized it should say that when your try and track it unless that is also a courtesy service. I only discovered the courtesy thing when I ordered a new motherboard from canada and the status never updated so I placed a phone call to their "help" line. As of right now the Royal Mail tracking service is down so that also leads me to the question the competacy of thier IT guys as it seems it goes down often.
  14. Why you got to put down the Midwest people. I hope u never get your beans . You prob were a dick in you email to the tude .
  15. This guys "attitude" sucks , So karma would dictate he doesnt get his seeds....

    This is a thread when I wish we had Neg rep still....

    Just sit back, smoke some bud, you'll get your seeds .. I got some cheese if you need some with your wine.
  16. Screw Attitude. Get your order in 3 business day from here next time: Marijuana Seeds - Highest Quality Marijuana Seeds Online. They're in Canada.
  17. Awesome and well said.:D
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    tk - you're so full of BS.

    [Treat other members and their opinions with respect, even if you disagree with them. -FW]
  19. Huh?? Speaka da inglis.
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