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  1. Planning on ordering some seeds from attitude. My friend bought from here a while ago and got 5 mystery freebies from a 10 reg seeds purchase. But when I add a pack of seeds to the cart and look at the freebies included it says it's only one. Why is it giving me one freebie instead of five? How does that work?

  2. Attitude runs a monthly special and then they have their normal freebies.
    Usually spend 30£ or more and get special. They only run for about 3 days at a time.
  3. Thanks for the reply!
    Is there any way to tell if they have a special going on?
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    The february special just ended. I purchased a 10 pack and got 7 freebies. They will have another one at the beginning of march.
  5. Damn, I might wait until march to purchase in that case.
    Question, does it say the strain of your 7 freebies or are they just mystery seeds?
  6. They tell you what the freebies are beforehand, and the number of them varies from month to month. Honestly a large percentage of the freebies are from breeders I dont care for but if your just wanting free seeds it works.
  7. Yeah I'm looking for a new strain on a budget, so I figured it'd also be nice to get some free seeds. I'll give it a go just for more variation to my crop :)
  8. I just made an order yesterday.. Here's the freebies I got and February's special.. And enter 420 for a 15% discount!!
  9. The freebies were always shit for me. Wouldn't germinate or fucked up plants. I just trash them
  10. Fuck the freebies.  I wish they would just lower their price to a reasonable amount and keep all the "free" stuff.

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