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  1. thinking ill go with Barneys blue cheese fem and probably a second order after i recieve this one.
    im new to buying seeds should i email them first before i order ? what steps should i take to not get screwed like my last order form drchronic (not bashing the doc, i have no doubt there a hundred percent legit,... however i still recieved nothing after almost 4 weeks from them and waas stupid enough to lose the print off order reciept) so please help, i must secure quiality genetics for this season and am just a bit stressed with the whole thing
  2. you dont have to email them just make your attitude order, and since you live in USA The tracking isnt real reliable once it gets to USPS from royal mail but dont worry Attitude is extremely reliable your seeds will come, 2 weeks is about average.
  3. Received mine yesterday. I did e-mail them with a special request and they did respond. I sent cash and all went well...These are stand-up people ! They know the meaning of stealth. I too lost my seeds (seized) from Dr. C. Real disappointed in the "stealth" part of that deal !!!!

    Good Luck..
  4. thanks for the help, sent cash with no problems huh? i think i may do a m,oney order this time, i tried a pre pay visa and maybe its just me but that shits confusing. how long did it take from the day you sent cash to date they arrived?
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    Yeh, I rolled the dice on that one. I used my CC on the last try (got seized) and I'm not going through that again. Had some sleepless nights because of it !
    I sent it Registered mail (snail mail) and it seemed to take forever. Just getting out of the states seemed to take the longest. Guessing about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks to get there. They sent me a e-mail once they received it and it took me 10 days to receive the package. Tracking # really don't help much. They have several methods to ship and are very good in the stealth area. I thought about what would be the best way to get the package to me and they listened. All went well..... If you deal with a Bank you can trust, cash is the way to go, again, these people won't burn ya !!! Good Luck
  6. I placed my first order with Attitude a month ago and it took only 12 days to arrive here in New England. As the other poster said, don't expect step by step tracking. Attitude is legit
  7. Went to check time frame. Took 15 days from the time I mailed the cash (from the N/W) to the time the SB notified me that they had received the payment, then it was 10 days from that point till it was in my mailbox ....

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