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    So I got the order flawless till I opened the package..
    got 2 empty bags everything else was there.. But the beans look bad
    2 are really tiny n 1 is whiteish

    Jus email'd them let's see how it goes

    Anyone had this problem? If so how did they handle it?

    EDIT: i just realized i did make out.. they sent me a freebie thats not listed as free

    RockLock.. Seems like a cool strain

    Great news..

    Hi there

    Thanks for sending those images through it helps me to sort things out quickly, I can reship or include with your next order just let me know what you prefer.

    Many Thanks, sorry for the error.


    The Attitude

    man I'd fuck Rachel she's the nicest Brit I know.. Btw do I get my free beans again?? Yea boy hope so
  2. WOW what a bummer...haven't heard of anything like that from the 'tude' before.:eek:

    Hope they work with you to get it straight.
  3. their dna genetic freebies sometimes look on the immature side. what beans looked bad?
  4. I just placed an order:eek: Hope all goes well:)
  5. Yeah I just made an order also, hopefully just a isolated incident.
  6. That's too bad. A bud of mine got his no probs and he said they all look healthy, his 6th order from the Attitude.
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    The DNA look wonderful.. Free shits always the best

    this was a pick n mix for the 1st time wantd to test before
    getting stuck with beans I don't like

    Barney farms:
    red dragon fem- dark n tiny
    LSD fem- missing

    world or seed:
    afghan kush fem- looks good

    green house seed:
    super lemon haze fem- missing

    nirvana seed:
    wonder woman fem- small n whiteish

    g13: pineapple express fem - looks good
    unlike most I didn't get it for the movie
    I really like'd the look of it n from wat people say it smell great n smokes good.. Sucks they ( dunno genetics ) yea right cuz its just that rare that they have seeds

    now New York sour diesel is rare in seed form.. Everything I see is either NYC diesel
    or jus sour diesel.. I dunno but I like the mix of them 2.. While in Cali that was my fav nice high all around

    DNA: freebie
    la woman- looks good big n nice in color
    sweet haze- replaced with RockLock- which looks great too

    I email'd n told them wat had happen gotta wait..
    Sucks I'm not germinate'n all at once so I can't tell if there even gunna pop

    anyways just wantd to see if you guys had any problems..
    I've read that other banks sending empty packages n say customs took it
    but mine was seal'd tight so they can't say that.. it was on there end that it happen!
    I'm not madd just yet ( words or Forest Gump- shit happens), however I let them kno there mistake and hope they handle it like a good company
  8. Thats sucks dude, hope they sort it out for you. I have used them a few times now and have never had a problem.

    Good luck
  9. usually the bags come labeled.. and have an order id #.. maybe they got a new packer whose blazin while packing.. not good for biz if thats the case.

  10. Yea it got names n numbers guessin stock number.. Yea there was some bud in the bag nuttin to smoke but u see hairs n shit

  11. :confused::confused:WTF:confused::confused:

    That's just weird man. I hope they make it right for ya.
  12. almost forgot thanks to everyone for hoping with me ..

    I messed up cuz I'm flowering My test grow 1 purple dragon was a male n one bagseed which was female.. The bag seed is 1week n 2 days in. Yet the leaves are yellowing very very low signs or female hairs but u see them up top.. If it don't work I'm gunna try a tude one that I did get
  13. Ok they email'd me today askin for pictures..
    I don't feel safe sending that info over the net and I told them that

    I mean either way it's a trust thing.. If I was lying I could jus take a pic
    of nuttin in there..
  14. id just take the pics want my seeds, ppl must try and scam the site for free seeds all the time
  15. dude i had the exact problem!! i got all my beans but 1 they gave me an empty bag it was g13 haze so i was pretty pissed i emailed them and they said sorry and that next time i buy from them theyll give me what i didnt get which i think is gay they better give me some freebies and the seeds were really lil and the freebie of hashplant didnt germ everything else did
  16. Only screw up I've had with them was getting to many seeds, and UFO's I didn't qualify for, being sent to me...not complaining at all, but shocked people didn't get what they should have.
  17. lol, ppl like you are the reason jones007 dont get their

    just jokin..loll:smoking:
  18. yea ima just send it off my phone.. rather it just all point at me, figadeal me?

    its ok if i gotta order more to get it as long as they give me free shipping or more seeds.. other wise i got no need right now..

    I hear nuttin but good news on the LSD tho.. fuck it ill order more..

  19. ya thats what im going to do to attitude does have a awesome selection of beans
    i just hope i dont get screwed again i really wanted to see the g13 haze though :mad:

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