Attitude August Deal A Steal?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by TWTHEREDDRAGON, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Aug 5th - 8th if you buy from Attitude you get
    1 Fem El Alquimista
    1 Fem Spicy White Devil
    1 Fem Supersonic Crystal Storm

    plus any Dina's from Attitude that you get for free with purchases. I was about to buy today but think i'll wait a couple of days to get some freebies...woot woot
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    I wouldn't call it a steal. But I would hold off a couple days just to get the extra promotional seeds.

    I have found as the month goes on the UFO's seem to get better.
  3. yup first weekend of every month.
  4. Fuck! I forgot about the promos... I just ordered a couple days ago. Oh well next time.
  5. How do I order from Attitude without giving away personal or tracking information? Do the prepaid debit gift cards (vanilla visa etc) work?
  6. i just recieved my black diesel and free pineapple express im going to have a buddy order for me for the promo
  7. I've used my personal debit card to order before. Just don't have the order sent to the house where the grow is taking place ;)

    To add to the thread, the promo is no steal. I have a drawer full of feminized freebies from Attitude. If only the novice grower and noobs knew what a hassle fem seeds can be for them. If you know how to grow plants without stressing them, by all means, grow out the fems, but if you're a noob grower, save those seeds and pop them after you've learned how to successfully harvest w/out fudging up.

    I would consider a promo to be a 'steal' if the freebies were regular seeds from TH Seeds, Mr Nice, TGA, Mandala, Nirvana, ect :smoking:

  8. I just use my CC and send to my PO box.... dozens of orders and still no DEA

    the $$ is handled by a separate site ( like PayPal), and Your shipping addy should never be where You grow ..
  9. now your talking..........

    doubt we see a TGA giveaway for another year. :(

  10. Can you explain why Fems are so difficult? I will be doing my first grow but I was trying to select strains that claim they are easy grows for 1st timers
  11. Listen, they are not impossible to grow, and in fact, some companies have proven themselves as producers of stable fems (DNA, Barney's, reserva privada, to name a few).

    Feminized seed plants tend to hermie (or hermaphrodite- when a plant produces both male and female sex characteristics) when stressed at a higher rate than regular seeds. Many people on this board do not trust Dutch breeders feminized seeds.

    As I said though, there are trusted breeders with good fems. Its a personal choice. Some people have limited space and no cloning 'facilities.' Instead of popping 5 fem seeds, I would rather grow out 10 or 20 regular seeds, get 5-10 nice females, clone them, flower them, then flower the clones :smoke:

    Another drawback is if one wishes to dabble in plant breeding he is blocked by the feminized process, of acquiring a viable male from the seeds he has bought, save he knows the cubing process (which takes a long time).

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