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  1. so ive been waiting and waiting and waiting and yep waiting. notice the day it got collected at LA and notice todays date. so im currious if anyone having trouble with this? im just not understanding why its taking forever to get to me. any suggestions or thoughts would be helpful. thanks


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  2. Dude attuide suks herbies seedsSent from my SCH-I535 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  3. My friend, he already has the seeds ordered, how is ^^this^^ post supposed to help?
    Ignore the tracking, besides the that is controlled by the USPS, not Attitude.  So I would say the USPS sucks at tracking international mail.  It's been 9 days since they hit LA?  I'd give it another few days before I got concerned.
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  4. yea they have been siting here in la .I got stealth shipping. we shall see what happens. ive heard people getting there packages in like a weeks time. now hearbies are there seeds any good? stealth shipping any good? and do they ship to the usa? I might order some from there and see what happens.
  5. They got a lot of strains that attuide has and their stealth is more then a tshirt wraped with seeds.Sent from my SCH-I535 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  6. well just an update on my order from attitude. got an email from usps as you can have usps email you updates on your tracking. pretty cool set up. hopefully customs didn't get to my package as it would really piss me off....  I placed an order for the 10pack ak seeds from herbies on Saturday. sounded like you guys had good things to say about herbies so I took a chance. ill be stoked if those will come as well. ill keep an update coming when they arrived which should be here in a cupple days. maby I should start a grow blog on all this. thanks for all your input guys.  Capture.PNG
  7. today I got my package and seeds were taken by customs and green taped up. they labeled on declared goods as lady scarf. I could of done a better job with the packaging, so not so stealth in my books.
  8. could be that if you draw enough attention they look at your shipment, don't check tracking excessively and keep your fingers crossed.hope your next one makes it.
  9. ordered them on the 1st and no seeds yet. got my fingers crossed
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    Herbies excellent stealth packaging has also caused several people to receive crushed seeds, which in some cases they didnt bother to make good on.

    But that has nothing to do with this thread and trolling every damn thread that mentions attitude with an advertisement for herbies just makes you look like a shill.

    Op just let attitude know and they will reship. Seeds get caught from EVERY seed bank.
  11. I emailed attitude about my seeds and no reply what's so ever. Some customer service they have

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  12. They suggest 2 weeks before inquiring.  Pretty sure they ignored it since you ordered on the first.  Have you tried them again?
  13. I ordered on the 2/10 & 2/14.. Hope they get here safely!!!!!

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