Attic grow?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by flyershockey44, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. Alright so i got a attic above my closet and i was wondering if i could grow in it and the only problem im having is i dont think theres any outlets up there for lights? How can i fix this problem haha
  2. are you in an apartment building or a detached house? some attics cover more than a single living unit which will make smells waft through your neighbors.

    Chances are there is no power up there and the easiest solution is to run new lines from the breaker box. Otherwise you are limited to extension cords from an existing circuit.

  3. na im in a house and my room is on the 2nd floor
  4. Then you should b all good. But you definately want to run a couple of new outlets up there from the breaker box, unless you doing an all CFL grow. Even then using extension cords for all that is still sketchy IMO. How far away is the closest outlet?

  5. the closet outlet to the closet is right outside the door, but id rather not have extension cords coming out of it cause that is pretty sketchy haha.
  6. Attic grows are notoriously difficult, or at least expensive. You will have major temp issues to deal with, very cold in winter and way too hot in summer. Depending where you are located you probably will need to build a grow box inside the attic, insulate the whole thing, and provide both heat and a/c.
  7. I have been looking into an attic grow and have basically concluded what toastybiz just said. The best time depending on your region of course, would be spring time I think, temps are in a decent range now in my attic. But I think the spring time temps would be more consistent and not blistering hot or cold....
  8. ^But that's still a 3-month stretch, temps won't be consistent throughout. If you start in March it still will be freezing, and it will be an oven by the time you finish in June...if you can turn it around that quickly.

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