Attic grow trent major heat prob

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  1. So I've had the tent in the attic for a few months now, now it's getting really hot. Anywhere between 88 at night and up to 105 or so during mid day. One of my plants don't seem to mind but the other looks like crap. It's a 4x4 tent I have a 400 watt hps and a hydrofarm inline 6" 440 sucking heat from the light to outside. A normal honeywell fan blowing up and an 18 in oscillating fan. Everything's sealed so idk where the problem lies...
  2. I'd guess that you attic gets really hot in the summer huh? Besides getting a Ac unit idk what you could do =(
  3. where are you getting your cool air from? if you can cut a hole into the house and run a duct from the cooler house air to the tent... it will help....

    you only need one fan... on the exhaust... no intake fans... all it will do is mess up the grow with multiple fans
  4. ^Zactly. If your attic is 100 degrees then it doesn't matter how much heat you vent out of the tent, you only have too-hot air available to replace it.

    Fans don't cool air. They move air, so to use a fan to cool a space you need to move cooler air in and warmer air out.
  5. Yea I have a hole cut into my closet downstairs I just need to purchase more ducting for the fan to suck into the tent as well
  6. Look into peltier units.
  7. My indoor garden is also in an attic. I framed in an insulated room. I don't run it in the summer. It gets way too hot and there is really no good way of cooling it. Right now I run everything at night which helps a little. This harvest will be done in mid june. after that I will shut it down. Try an AC unit is really the only choice you have. Try lights on at night and you might get a couple more weeks.
  8. bro conditionalize your air.
  9. So I have now attached the light also to my room, but doing so I'm not sure how it's going to cool my room, only the light, which I guess would cool it somewhat but nowhere near what it needs to be
  10. you got a picture picture man? It would help...even an MS paint mock up :D


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