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  1. Could someone please give me some tips ?
    my thread is titled
    First Closet Grow : Tips Appreciated
    just want to know how i am doing :) thanks;)
  2. Yo, you need to search dude and not double post.

    Do some reading and good luck
  3. Hey dude, I actually have read
    just wanted to post pics
    i have a fair idea of what im doing, dont have a vent system yet/ all my nutes
    but just seeing how the.. 'Pros' think im doing for my first grow
    Thanks for the reply though man :smoke:
  4. That's what the original threads for...

  5. Thanks man
    im open to anything
    i just put more tin foil in, agh
    maybe it isnt such a good idea ?
    i will look into something else
    just hope my first grow works out :)
  6. So you create this post to direct us to another post? And you don't give a link? Sorry, I'm lost...
  7. haha,
    Sorry man
    new to the site
    new to growing
    didnt want to make it a hassle for anyone !
    just looking for advice and tips from more experience people

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