Attention Trailer Park Boys fans.

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  1. Seeing as i've quit the ganja, i've been taking up drinking instead(definitely not as fun) but I try. So me and my g/f are sitting here watching TPB making up a drinking game for it, and here are the rules we have so far.

    Take a shot when:

    • Anytime layhee says shit
    • anytime ricky says fuck off
    • anytime ricky says two smokes lets go
    • anytime ricky mind fucks cops
    • anytime someone says JALAPENO and PEPPORONI
    • Julian drinks
    • Bubbles says "kitties"
    • Anytime corey and trevor are blamed
    • Gun fights
    If you guys have any suggestions gladly take them. peace :wave:
  2. Circle of death.
  3. haha that game sounds legit!!
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    well after 3 episodes my girlfriend is drunk and passed out after squirting all over my bed and im here alone finishing the bottle cause im the truel alcoholic.

    good game so far. ahaha peaceeeeeee. cant wait till i get hired and pass my dt so i can go back to the gangja :wave: i miss the grape swisser with the kush its sickening

    edit: haha im watching tales from the crypt ive dl'ed the emntire series and man is it awesome and tirpy and crorny. lol so many younbg stars in it that we know today
  5. fuck i cant wait for the TPB movie
  6. they're making a movie???
  7. A second movie.
  8. Damn man if you drink every time any of that happens, you're going to wake up in a hospital getting your stomach pumped haha

  9. Just what I was thinking.
    It would take roughly 7 minutes to get hammered playing by your rules.
  10. Im drinking with Randy and Lahey in October. Let the shit analogy's fly!
  11. You're going to get shitfaced into a dizzying shitstorm with a couple of shithawks
  12. Double shot every time the bottle kids attack

  13. lmao... I love how in Canada at least like... 1% of the population has partied with The TPB.

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