ATTENTION growers in SW England

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by gingerman, Aug 3, 2003.

  1. TWO busts in the same night in gloucestershire by old bill using helicopters and heat signiture equipment. A mate of mine who has a scanner listened to most of it and it sounded as if they were looking for MJ rather than chasing some low life and just stumbled upon it!!!!!
    TWO in one night!!!!!.....FUCK....!!!
    I am only x miles away from the nearest bust!!!..FUCK,,,!!!
    Today i'm gonna climb into the loft and line the top of my grow room with lead as i think this could reduce the heat signiture that is given off to that of something more normal
    probably increase temps but.......
    Now,as i missed the Fuck off thread back in march........
    ALL police helicopters can FUCK THE FUCK OFF!!!!!!
  2. thanks buddy ,the options on this particular problem for growers seem few and far between yet remain (big mouths apart) the biggest threat and represent the the biggest chance of getting rumbled
  3. gloucestershire aint that far down the m5 from me, scarey as i got 60 new seeds only yesterday.

    if any1 gets any info on the foil woody was on about can u post a link here plz
  4. what about the old school fiber glass insulation? The woolly pink kind that looks like candy floss - if you put a layer or two of that on some plywood, and set it between your light rigging and the cieling, it would absorb the heat, and blend in with the insulation that is already in the house.
  5. thanx 4 looking woody.

    i think im gonna move my grow in2 another room thats a bit more hidden. away from outside walls and my loft is lagged so that shud help?

    i know this is gonna sound a bit like a novice question but infra red, r the camaras picking up just the heat from a lamp or the uv radation that a lamp gives off aswell?

    im thinking that a aircooled hood wud take care of the lamps heat if i vent from the room in a safe way but is that all i gotta worry about?

    i dont wanna go in2 detail but things r getting really on top round where im living and im getting para bout the whole growing thing 4 the 1st time in my life.
  6. yea! i'm well paranoid at the minute!! as far as i see it ,the only surefire way around it is to move downstairs,but that brings its own obvious problems like who the fuck has a spare room downstairs? and a grow box in the lounge???? well,it would certainly be a conversation piece should you get any visitors. i know that a heat signature cannot be traced if there is water between the light source and the detector but water in the loft could be asking for trouble although not immpossible
    the other main thing to remember is that in the daylight hours you are reasonably safe so maybe 18/6 instead of 24/7
    A heat signature detector detects heat A U V detector cetects U V they are different one can detect MINISCULE amounts of heat like barely alive bodies etc the police will be using a detector that picks up ANY reading above the accepted average........
    right, i've scared myself half to death now........
    Later on

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