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Discussion in 'General' started by NuBBiN, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. 420Girlie's quote "Life in a vacuum sucks" is a see, inside a vacuum, you will find suction...and if you were to live in a vacuum, it would literally suck...get it?...
  2. It would only suck if there was a reason for the sucking inside the vacuum. Like an outlet for it sucking air in thus no longer creating a vacuum.

    The sucking part is just a process of the vacuum, once the vaccum has been created, there is no more need for the sucking.

    But I am no science guy and I am often wrong. But you wanted to get technical on it so...
  3. my reply makes no sense but at least I know what I mean :confused:
  5. isn't the suction the reason for the vacuum?

    You know what, I don't even care it's funny dammit ;)
  6. i hate vacuuming my house...we have way too many pets and when the vacuum gets clogged with hair the rubber ribbon inside starts burning and it reeeeeeeeeks...
  7. ya know nub i think your on to somethin
  8. what happens when black holes gobble everything up?
  9. HAHAHAHAHA....thats so right its sad critter...HAHAHAHA..exactly my fiend...i feel stupid now...
    havent smoked since monday...yaydamn...but what a monday it was.
  10. I don't mind vacuuming. all you gatta do is follow it around I just get all stoned first. It's much better than doing something more strenous.
  11. sex can be opium+weed+sex=wahoo!
  12. I'm all fucked up on this.

    I guess it all depends on what it means to "find suction".

    I don't think you find it in a vaccum though. I'll have to ponder that....
  13. actually, once you are inside the vacuum bag, life does no longer suck, as you have already been sucked past the point of neccessary suction, into the bag. i have a theory that the vacuum bag is a type of utopian afterlife, as life inside the bag, as stated before, in fact does NOT suck. perhaps once inside the vacuum bag we will be greeted by bud, brew, and wenches. you see, life inside the vacuum can be seen as a sort of purgatory, while the monotany of life as a dust particle outside the vacuum may infact represent all our lives. i feel that we can learn much from the vacuum through the deduction that the mortal, static life of a dust particle infact does not suck, while the necessary purgatory does, but leads to the utopian afterlife, or vacuum bag. perhaps this represents the common notion that 'you cant get something for nothing', as the dust particles of humanity either live a meaningless, complacent, and static life on the livingroom floor, or subject themselves (are subjected to) the purgatory, which in turn leads to the bag, or paradise. the question though, lies in whether this 'paradise' inside the bag really sucks any less than the 'meaningless' existence outside the bowels of the vacuum. is the purgatory of suckiness really worth enduring, to reach yet another static existence, which may even suck worse than the monotonous life of a dust particle on the floor? the mere promise of change may be enough to convince the particles to take this journey, perhaps even more than the possibility of a non-sucky utopia filled with various pleasures.

    and what happens once the vacuum bag is thrown out?
  14. its starts all over again..eventually the dust particles venture themselves to another annoying pile on the tv..or somewhere else, only to get sucked up again
  15. What's going on here? what are we all talking about? ...
  16. errrm...
    Scientifically, A vaccum is a space with NOTHING in it- not even air.

    It doesn't suck- stuff is just pushed into a vacum by matter such as air.

  17. "I don't know what the hell you just said man. But you special. You reached out to me and you toutched my heart, man. So I'm gonna show you where everything you need to know is. Gimmie the map, Scott. I SAID GIMMIE THE MAP SCOTT!"
  18. yes, i agree...a wahoo would definitely be in order in that situation :) (I am referring to Opium+Pot+S-E-X=wahoo)
  19. well since we went full circle and came back to the suction it suction, or diffusion?...


    NuBBiN: "Dont Blame me...blame diffusion!"

    as for vacuuming..I 100% agree with girlie...vacuuming as AWSOME! I smoke a litte herb...turn the vacuum on and dance around in my boxers like tom cruise...and I love how the vacuumed area makes cool clean patterns and lines....same thing with lawm mowers....rarrrrr

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