Attention all...

Discussion in 'General' started by garfield206, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. I am......super baked right now...haha...sorry :smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::D:smoking::wave::p:smoking::D:)...........:confused:......:eek:
  2. Dude, come on...
  3. Glad this was important enough to make a thread
  4. Maybe it was.. :eek:
  5. blazed, watching the wackness. seeing radiohead tommorow, sleepings gonna be hard
  6. It wasn't.
  7. I want my time back
  8. where did the tag option go? :(
  9. Dead for good I hope! So damn annoying when kiddies post tags like fart and homo!
  10. hey why don't we all make a new thread everytime we smoke weed.

  11. wow sorry guys lol i dont even remember postin this up...maybe i was just really really high :eek:
  12. haha..

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