attention all men

Discussion in 'General' started by AmyRm112, Feb 26, 2003.

  1. this 19 year old female seeks

    cute stoner boy

    between the ages of 18-24

    preferably from northern region

    (michigan, indiana, etc..)

    to share my love of mj

    .....this is probably a really bad idea....

    .......oh well, too lit to care..........
  2. *ROTFL*

    i can't believe that just happened to be my 69th post!!!
  3. How about a 69 year old man from the south?
  4. *woof,woof*



  5. Are you calling me an old dog?? I'm not a day older than that either!
  6. yer not old darlin' justa horndoggie....:)

  7. Yeup!

    What are you going to get me for my 40 B-Day in may?
  8. hhhhmmm, what woulda like?
  9. You know what I like!
  10. Dammit, Virginia wont work? :p
  11. budhead
    kinda set myself up for that one eh? :eek:
    an BACK to amy's post....good idea hun
    good luck :)

  12. i am a stoner. i am more than cute. i live in the north. connecticut. nice to meet ya


  13. Yes you did!

    Good luck amy!
  14. Well Amy, I was gonna warn you about the Tennesee Leghound, but, I see he beat me here. Must be a purebred!

    Good luck. And be careful!;)

  15. *sits back an ponders*,no i dont
    would you care to share?id be more than happy to listen ;) an what the hey i might learn a thing or two

  16. lol... i want to see a post where a girl asks to find another girl for the same reason.

  17. Absolute purebred. Tn's are all pure!

  18. We are not allowed to post that type of material on the site..

    You should already know that.. LMAO

  19. hmmmm.....

  20. LOL! ;)

    Love ya, Sensi!!!! :)

    Good night all...I gotta crash. Have fun all ye Blades!!!

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