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  1. in choosing between a soil grow and a hydroponic grow, which one would relatively need LESS time to be attended? since i cannot stay with the plants 24/7, this is one of my concerns. thanks in advance.
  2. soil is naturally more forgiving than hydroponic solutions that constantly need PH and TDS measuring.
  3. ^Agreed. Soil generally is less work and more tolerant of small imbalances in pH, nutes, etc.
  4. ic ic.... given that ill probably try a soil grow first, since ive never done it before... thanks.
    and also, the other day i went shopping for lights, i was at the fluroscent section of the store, and i couldnt find any lable that said (#K), but instead said (#lm). are those different units? because i couldnt find the prefereed (#k) which was around 4000 to 6000 if those two are the same units... could you help me out on that? thanks again.
  5. soil is far easyer to grow in

    if you have a doulble fluro holder ,get one blue light one like grow lux that they use on aquariums and one normal light one like for offices

    codes are different over here
  6. k is for kelvin a measure of color temperature (or more everyday language the color spectrum or just the color).

    lm probably is for lumens, a measure of light output at a fixed distance.

    So two very different things.

    If you can't find the actual color temp then get something labeled "daylight" for 6500k (blue spectrum) and something labeled "soft" or "warm" for 2700k (red spectrum).

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