Attended Oaksterdam Class Today

Discussion in 'General' started by raheem-ya, May 16, 2010.

  1. I learned quite a bit, but realize that I need the advanced grow class. We do teach other quite a bit in here.

    More than helf the class was from out of state with a few from other countries. :smoking:
  2. I'm almost intrigued.
  3. How much does it cost exactly to get into Oaksterdam? It's in California, correct? And are there any qualifications that need to be met before attending a class?
  4. It's $250 for weekend seminar. I'm at Oaksterdam, in Oakland.

    It's a bit of a teaser, but I'm in. Advanced horticulture will be amazing.

    Very professional. The grower was on point......

    The legal aspects of this are still very vague, but the key is to remember that we are always recovering costs of our grow, rather than being paid.
  5. I completed the training today. I have a masters degree from a state university.

    This training trumps anything I have done academically. It was factually based, extremely well-organized, and extremely professional.

    What I learned about the healing properties of cannabinoids alone made it worth my while, but I now have several options for how to utilize my trimmings after harvest.

    Kudos to Mr. Lee, Mr. McCatheron, Mr. Silva, and Mr. Armentano. The young people assisting were professional and extremely helpful. Between classes I watched trimming demonstrations and learned a couple of grow tips.

    I guarantee you that this will be $250 well spent. If anything, I am now part of the movement. That alone is worth it.

    We are so close........
  6. Rock on man, sounds like it's something that you'll love.

    can't wait till im older and have land...
  7. How long does this go for? And would it be worth it to come from say mass. for it. I would love to attend this.
  8. Even had 2 folks from the Netherlands and 1 from England. They do have a class in Michigan, but it's cool to hear from Mr. Lee, the founder and man who is spearheading taxing cannabis legislation.

    I was talkin' to one guy from Chicago who flew out for the weekend-long seminar.

    The contacts you'll make make it worthwhile.

    I suggest staying a couple extra days, get a 215 card, and hit up like 5, or 6 dispensaries, just to get a feel for the movement.

    Harborside is in the Oak, too and an awesome experience.
  9. Non-residents can't get cards "legally" but a lot of shops in the oakland area are kinda cutthroat about legit reccs. since they have to pay taxes to the city. I wouldn't say it's worth flying all the way out from Chicago for the weekend, a lot of the stuff can be found over the internet if you are really about learning.
  10. This is awesome man, very cool stuff.

    Cant wait to see how popular this stuff is once it's fully legalized!
  11. Damn this definitely sounds interesting, I remember talking to a bud about it when blazing a bleezy. Maybe after college it can be something worth looking into. Especially since my family has a decent sized garden and a pretty respectable history of growing...
  12. A masters degree in what
  13. That's getting a bit personal, but I was just providing a frame of reference. I have both an undergraduate and a masters degree from a california state school.

    As far as this weed thing goes, I am merely an apprentice.
  14. I wanna do that. Not canna butter (bad for kids), but a concentrate.
  15. I thought u were saying you got a diploma from doing this course... nevermind.

    Was gonna call ultimate BS lol
  16. It's all good. I can say this. It's one thing to watch someone do somethin' and another to do it yourself.

    I will get a certificate from it.

    It basically just cracks your head wide open to the possibilities that are out there. They have an advanced weekend seminar, but to really get involved, they have semester long courses. I have a fill time job. No dice.......

    I just trimmed a bunch of veg from my Grape Ape and Grape Trainwreck and I'm gonna mix it with some Grand Marnier.
  17. Did you do the weekend course or the semester course?

    Once I move to Cali this summer (starting graduate school in the fall) I'm thinking about enrolling in some of their classes.

  18. hahaha nice :D

  19. This.

    Although actually attending the classes seems so much better, but why not learn...for free?

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