Attacked by a swarm of hornets/wasps/stinging insects

Discussion in 'General' started by Alphå, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. So yesterday I went to a local disc golf course to play some disc golf. (

    I was kicking ass on hole #2, which is a VERY long course... Its about 970 feet from tee to basket.

    Anyways my disc landed right at the edge of a treeline/woods, and I waited for my brother to throw... He throws it and it hooks right into the woods... So I'm walking to grab my disc, and he goes into the woods to find his... He throws his from out of the woods.

    It clips a bunch of brush, knocking down a nest of some kind of angry insect.

    They immediately swarm and attack the nearest large animal: me.

    To be honest with you I didnt know what hit me. I felt sharp pains all over me and heard and felt things buzzing all around me.


    I ran. No- I fucking ran. I ran fast. I dont think my feet hit the ground but once or twice.

    They followed suit.

    Across the 900 yard field I booked, asking my friends: "WHAT THE FUCK DO I DO? DO I ROLL AROUND?!?!"

    I hit the ground and roll around a few times, then got up and kept running... I think they stopped following me before I started rolling, but I didnt know. It was pure adrenaline.

    I just wanted to get as far away from that hole as I could. I didnt even finish it.

    To top it off I had to go back and get my brand new Champion Valkyre disc, which was a few meters from the fallen and still buzzing hive.

    I dont know what the hell they were. My brother said it looked like a black cloud like you'd see in a cartoon.

    The stings on my arms and legs were pretty small... The ones on my hands swelled up to about 1/4" and the ones on my legs were about 1/2". I had a huge nickel sized welt on my back too.

    At first it was all red, but once the swelling went away it turned into a small raised bump with a red dot in the middle.

    I did a quick wiki but learned no way of distinguishing the stings. I'm pretty confident that they were wasps though.

  2. Yeah, I was back in the woods with my friend when I was little, and I must of stepped on a nest or something, all of a sudden I'm getting sharp pains, so I told my friend 'RUN! MOTHERFUCKER!" so he runs and hes slow as fuck, so I had to push him out my way, and I jetted out those woods so fast, I ran out, down 2 blocks and came back, I started pulling the stingers out and one was right on the back of my head. Shit sucked, found out they were wasps. :mad:
  3. One day in my little leauge game, I was like 10, huge asss swarm just randomlly flew over my game you could hear the buzzing for miles. Everyone just scooted. Also one time i went to check my mail and there was a nest of Yellow jackets, (Which im deathly alerigic to), so I opend my mail box and like 100 of come flying out and start stinging me every where. I DIED. it was horrible.
  4. That sucks man, when i was about 7 or 8 I was playing catch with my brother, and he threw the ball over my head and it landed on a underground yellow jacket nest. When i went and picked up the ball, they just started pouring out of the hole. I got stung twice, one on my arm and one right under my fingernail. My finger swelled up and cracked the nail, that was one of the worst pains i can remember going through.
  5. Holy Shit!

    You know I have been hiking almost every weekend since may, and I have yet to come across a bees nest.

    *knock on wood*
  6. That's gotta suck. Just be thankfull they weren't africanized bees. How many times they get you?
  7. I love hiking and nature and stuff... First thing I said after the ordeal was:

    "Fuck Nature." lol
  8. That was a mad story haha. Glad your ass got out okay.
  9. Lucky your not allergic. You'ld be dead:)

    I've seen and been in boats in the south that were emptied of people because of red hornets big as hummingbirds.

    Put it this way. They were so bad you forgot all about the alligators in the water w/you.

  10. ive been there too. me and my brother pissed off a hive full of bees when we were little and we came hauling so much ass around the house to my dad in the back yard and he threw us in the pool to escape. later he couldint stop laughing thinking about us bookin it around the house with an ass load of bees in tow.

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