Atom's California Outdoor (200G smart pots, 2.5 month indoor veg)

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  1. Hey everyone!! This is my first outdoor grow journal but I have been growing outdoor for about 7 years now and have become quite skilled in the trade so feel free to ask any questions! I previously grew the same strains for 4 years but had an accident when I went out of town and lost all of my mothers so I'm starting fresh from scratch again...

    200 Gallon smart pots
    Roots Organics
    Subcool's SuperSoil @ 1/2 strength

    KandyKush (1)
    Mendo Purps (2)
    Chernobyl (3)
    Bubba Kush (2)

    Right now they are still in the 5 gallon buckets they were in while in the grow room. I vegged them indoors for 2.5 months under a 1k HPS and I've been keeping them well pruned so they have a good base structure to start off of. I'll be posting pics later tonight when I get to my house and can snap a few shots.
  2. Where's the pics?
  3. Weather has been horrible and I'm to lazy to lug all my plants inside to take pics. But bad news already :(... a mendo purps and a chernobyl are both showing signs of budding which is a bummer. I was taking a chance putting them out early and knew they might bud but figured I would see how far I could push my limits. These were on an 18-6 schedule so I'm sure it was just to early to put em out. In the past I've tried to recover plants that began budding outside and in the end it wasn't worth it. By the time it has regressed back into veg and begins growing again I could grow new plants bigger and better as far as plant branching structure; once a plant is revegged it grows all fucked up. Good thing I have 40 clones that have been sitting in my cloner to choose from!! It's allllllll gooood :cool::rolleyes::smoke: Pics coming when weather clears up!
  4. I'm going to hold you to it.
  5. 200 gallon smart pots? Wow I cant wait to see the pictures. and btw it was nice today ;)
  6. Im waiting for pics!

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