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Atom crusher

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DyNo420, May 12, 2010.

  1. lets hope switzerland doesnt blow up earth when the try out there atom crusher:eek::smoking:
  2. I fail to see the relavence, but thats old news.... If they were going to destroy the world it would have happened already. Its not so much a crusher as it is a collider. It colides matter at extremely high speeds in the hope of forming small singularities that exist for only fractions of seconds before evaporating. Yes, black holes evaporate or at least do something similar to evaporation. Black holes emit what Stephen Hawking calls Hawking Radiation, and overtime they lose mass as a result; until eventually they dissapear entirely.

    So rest easy we are safe...
  3. okay good i started getting rather paranoid for a minute as my sisters boyfreind was tellin me about this plan of theres lmao
  4. Oh ok as long as Hawking says we are safe we are safe lol.

    Am I the only one who genuinely dislikes the smugness of this man? Hawking Radiation really?
  5. why would you be paranoid? if the earth blew up you wouldnt know it. youd be gone with it. duh
  6. you do realize that when a scientist discovers a particle or radiation or any other un named thing it is named after them as a form of admiration and credit where credit is due.

    On another note. how can anyone not respect and admire this man? oh yeah..ignorance..thats right
  7. Indeed, Hawking has lead a very hard life. He should have died from his disease in his 20's like most people that have it. I dont understand how you can insult Hawking if you know even the most minor details about him. People need to take it upon themselves to cure their own ignorance.

    EDIT: If you discovered something amazing wouldnt you want to be remembered for it? what better way to insure your memory than naming it after yourself.
  8. By the way, everyone keeps saying blow up the earth. Blow Up is not what people fear, it is actually the opposite. Should one of these small singularities grow out of control, the world would implode. Well in a way, the singularity would suck up all matter and crush it. a true implosion would be if unfathomable pressure was evenly distributed on the earth causing it to contract to the point of implosion.

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