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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by phunkyphil, Dec 30, 2002.


i love smoking up most when..

  1. all i can see is purple and neon

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  2. the day is over and the lights are dim

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  3. im running from pigs

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  1. this thread is for everyone who loves just chilling and smoking out their room late at night

    atmosphere is everything when youre baked.. what have you got set up in terms of lighting/sound/furniture? is your place all tripped out with blacklights and fog, or do you like to keep it lower key? also if youve got anything you feel like bragging about (60" plasmascreen tv, giant rotating waterbed, indoor swimming pool) this would be the place to do it :smoking:
  2. Well being one of the more aged members 'round here, I don't have a room anymore. Wife and kids have taken over everything.

    If it's warm outside, the sky and my 2 huge maple trees make the mood for me. Not very technological I know, but I 've seen things neon could never touch.

    In the winter, the garage is my domain.

    Tunes, tools, and dogs.

    What else do ya need?
  3. 5 words:

    strobe light and fog machine


  4. me to, except when the weather turns warm and then its out to the porch to watch the dogs play and the crickets chirp.
  5. me to, except when the weather turns warm and then its out to the porch to watch the dogs play and the crickets chirp.

    i love the sound of crikets.....too bad we aint got allways reminds me of a holiday i had to Portugal... :) ....Peace out...Sid
  6. my room used to be really decked out. i had a strobe light, a black light, this disc with little red lights that spins and makes phat designs, a multi-colored disco ball, 2 lava lamps, plug-ins for winamp (they're like 100x better than screan savers), surreal posters... not the trippy kind, but they're really interesting to look at baked, a loud stereo, and great friends.

    now... i don't really come home stoned anymore. my parent's are more observant, and can tell if i'm high or not (very gay)... so i'm usually outside or at a friend's house... which is pretty fun too.
  7. damn cottons, im suprised you didnt get seizures from all that shit hahaha

    right now ive just got a blacklight (one of the big ones) and christmas tree lights set up over a big soft couch, with newspaper articles, skate photos, and a copy of the J. Cauty LOTR poster on the walls.. doesnt sound like much but its awesome to chill in, and i dont get my relatives thinking im a raver or something :smoking:
  8. im on the bus.

    i just got my brother a fog smoke ring gun. this thing is very cool. you shoot the gun and it makes fog smoke rings, like big fucking rings! i was thinking of keeping it, I know Id sit around all day foggin the house up with big friggen smoke rings

  9. yeah and with a room like that..theres no way your parents would think your a stoner. lmao.
  10. I have this light up beer sign. . . Fake Palm Tree. . . And Some TV Land :-D

  11. they didn't... i used to be insanely straightedge... so that kinda was in my favor. then i got caught a couple times and they started getting suspicious any time i'd buy something new.

  12. Say that after a night with one of those bastards in the bedroom with you. :D

    No crickets? Where are you lucky enough to live?

    My cats love to find them on the front porch. When they're out I regularly find cricket legs and carcasses strewn about.

    Go kitty go! (Noisy sumbitches!)

    Another creature I usually enjoy listening too... except for when I'm trying to sleep: The morning birds.

    Real pretty while you are appreciating nature. Real pesky when it's 5 AM and you're trying to sleep. (Where's my .22!)

    Oh, that reminds me.... What do the people in metric countries call the .22? (Besides illegal) Is there a metric equivalent?
  13. I had to delete the smiley in the quote so I could put one little smiley in my post.

    Who would dare to put so many smileys in their posts as to have them banned beyond one?
  14. i got my own siiting room so i got to big ass seats posters of all my favortie bands computer tv right there so no need for stereo and ps2 its great
  15. Ahhh... good to know. :eek:

  16. Ok, My basement, 4 couches and a recliner (can never have enough couches :D ) 2 strobe lights on opposite corners, red and blue cable lighting around perimeter of the room. 4 large black lights with 3 smaller ones. 1 red and 1 green flood light 2 colored disco lights. black light posters and a tv with premium movie package :) all controlled by remote control too. one of these days, i'd like to get a fog machine.
  17. doesn't .22 mean .22 millimeter? if so, it's the same metrically.
  18. #2

    But a wake-n-bake is hard to beat!
  19. i got a 27" sony flat screen and a 600watt sony surround sound system along with ps2, NES, dreamcast, SNES and my blacklight.
    not too bad for a 16yr old
  20. I hate crickets. They are always around my house. What's even worse is that someone had the bright idea that my neighborhood needed lights up and down every damn street so now birds stay up and chirp at all hours of the night. That will drive a person insane. I've come very close to digging out a rifle and driving up and down the street until all those lights were out.

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