Atmos Raw Vs Pipe + Lighter

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  1. Hey I read that the atmos raw combusts more than vapor. Would it be a good alternative to a lighter + pipe. Would it be smoother and get you higher since the smoke remains in the pen?

    Does it fully combust?

  2. I've never used an Atmos Raw, but wouldn't the idea in getting a vape pen in the first place be to eliminate combustion altogether?
  3. Well I want somthing that combusts without the need of a lighter and when it's windy and I'm out and about... And if it's smoother than lighter + pipe ill get that if not shit ill just buy a nice pipe I guess

    I like smoking but I never vaped I'm looking into the pax for vaping but I still would like to smoke
  4. The Raw def combusts without the added screen.  I use mine for a sneaky 1 hitter.  More like 2-3 hitter.  Works great.  It will fully combust.  I love mine for a 1 hitter.  It really doesn't vape though.  I took mine on our Family vacation this year, and it worked great.  Pack it, and go golfing with pops.  Chase ball into woods, and take a quick toke.  Very discrete, and easy.
  5. Sweet thanks man is it smooth hits like smoother than pipe and lighter or about the same?
  6. The Atmos Raw was the most disappointing "personal vape" I have ever used...  Until I took out the screen and started using it as a sneak-a-toke.  It is the most undercover personal smoker in my collection, not counting the micro oil vapes, which are in a different class, above and beyond.  But if you don't have oil, the Atmos Raw will work very well with herb.
    In regard to your last question about "smoothness," I have actually found it to be a lot harsher than a good pipe, because there is only about one inch between the combustion chamber and your lips.  The smoke emerges at quite a hot temperature, and you can really feel your mouth and throat becoming Raw if you use the Atmos all day.  However, the flavor is superior to any butane-lit device out there and the enclosed combustion chamber conserves your herbs and maximizes the smoking potential of a small amount of material.
    I have used it a lot in places where the "both hands to face" routine with a pipe and lighter would surely have gotten me busted.  Really rugged device, lasted over a year and it still probably works.  I stopped using it because my mouth started to hurt from the hot smoke.
  7. Man thanks for the input ... I shall give it a try I might get the vapormax since it's about 20-30$ and looks just like the atmos raw

    Yea sneak a toke is what I want
  8. You need to get some concentrates then.  This was the BEST personal "vape" I have ever used.  It was basically a dab to go and I have to think that it vaporizes the wax/budder because my room never smells after.  Hands down best concentrate pen I've owned.
    This pen owns the concert scenes, you'll be the life of the party.  It took everything I had to kill a gram of budder during summer jam and I was going hard.  It conserves your concentrates, one small dab in your pen is equal to anywhere from 3-10 fat pulls.  Granted if you're just looking for an electronic pipe, just no.  I used flowers with this pen ONCE and it sucked cock.  The glass screen doesn't help either.  Just get concentrates for this pen.  MFLB otherwise.
  9. I never tried concentrates will have too , how's hash on the atmos?
  10. Not sure about hash, I always stick to the fullmelts (wax/budder).  Less mess.
  11. Hmmm gotta try them then!

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