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Discussion in 'All Sports' started by MrPerfect, May 30, 2009.

  1. Hello all thanks for viewing my thread,

    I'm planning a trip to Atlantic City, NJ to play some Texas Hold-Em tournaments. Hopefully, I can win.

    Well I'm looking to just do a $50-$65 buy-in. I've checked the prices of buy-ins and I know that there are tournaments helf for this price amount,

    I plan on taking my trip during the week, most likely be going to play on a Thursday.

    So heres my questions that I hope you guys could answer...
    1. During the week, are these tournaments any good? Do a lot of people play?

    2. During the week, what is the average outcome on one of these tournaments and what would the average winnings be for 1st place or whatever?

    3. Which is the best casino to stay at? I plan on smoking in the hotel room or on the balcony with some friends, is this safe? What would be the best casino/hotel to leave the table and go for a J break?

    Any help and answers are appreciated. Thanks
  2. Right now I'm looking at Bally's and some others too.
  3. i know borgada runs dailys but i dont know anything about the price structure, but i do know that borgada is a great place to play. usually a decent amount of fish. i know that the tounreys at trop dont have a great pay out at all. gl, and try to get out to the beach, its suposed to be nice this week.
  4. Thanks a lot for the response.

    I've been searching around and been hearing a lot of great things about the Showboat. I will keep Borgada in mind, but right now I'm liking what I hear about the Showboat.(times and buy-in) $65 buy-in and can do a 2pm and 7pm tournament.
  5. i usually get really good comps from BJ at showboat, so get a card and throw 50 bucks at a table, play for an hour or so, chances are ull get a free dinner.
  6. Really?

    Do you know if you could smoke in the hotel rooms? We would probably try to get a room with a balcony and open the door up, probably even go on the balcony. So could we do that? We intend on smoking weed.

    I'm joining a hold-em tournament also, if you know anything about how they do their breaks that would help. And if you could tell me what is good to tip for drinks and everything else.

    Do you tip with dollars or chips?
  7. no clue how they run the tourneys.
    at the trop i know that if u order any drink at the table i give the girl a dollar chip and she goes away. at borgada some drinks cost more, but they'll bring u food too. as for smoking, id suggest a vape. the only time i smoked in AC we had a vape, worked great, didnt have to worry about the whole burning something to get high. but with a balcony and a spoof u could smoke anywhere and be safe. gl.
  8. Thanks Craiggers, a lot.

    I don't want to keep bothering you, but I do have a question which comes off of my last question. In the Hold-Em tournaments I'm looking at buy-in comes to $65 and they give you $10,000 in chips.

    So one of my $1 chips will not be worth $1 to me, if I tip them one chip it's nothing to me?

    After writing that question I realize that you probably can't give out any chips that are on table at a tournament, right?

    As for the vaporizer, I do have a DBV, but sometimes it's just easier to pass around a blunt with a few friends, Rather than stirring the bowl all the time and everything else.

    Thanks for all the help Craiggers

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