Atlanta Marijuana March this Friday Sept. 18

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  1. Gwinnett Green is hosting its second Atlanta Marijuana March on Sept. 18. We meet and begin marching in Centennial Park @ noon and move through downtown and next to the capital. It's a lot of fun, only takes a couple hours at most and is a great way to be active. Everything is totally legal and legit so don't be afraid to walk through the streets yelling slogans about pot. Even if you can't make it please pass the word along. It's on a Friday at noon to get exposure. The last one was on a Saturday and we had a lot of protesters walking on empty streets.

  2. Can you delete one of the two threads you made? =]
    This sounds pretty cool, wish i lived in the ATL

  3. Hey skunkdoctor, does Gwinnett Green have a website?

    I live in Atlanta but I've never heard of your group. How do I join?

    Let me know if you want a free website.
  4. I've been looking around for any mention of this march, but I can't find any. What I did find though is a protest at the Georgia World Congress Center on Saturday at 3. It's protesting the sentencing of Marc Emery.
  5. Gwinnett Green can be found on Facebook, blogspot, and youtube.
  6. i wish i was back in atl right now for this. im actually comming back in october. is there anything going on around then i should be aware of?

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