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  1. What up everyone ?

    Here in a few months (Early December) I plan on going out to ATL for either a week or a couple days, all depends on if I can find enough stuff to do there to keep me occupied for over a week.

    So far, here's what I have planned:

    2 Falcon games at the Dome
    Visiting the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts
    I know I'll spend at least a day or two checking out the Georgia Aquarium thoroughly, and then some.

    So... as you can see, not much planned so far.

    I'm hoping some of you blades that are from the ATL, or have visited/lived there in the past can point me in the right direction of some cool shit to check out while I'm there. I'm not talking about tours and stuff that you can find online, but something only a local ATLien would know about.

    Good restaurants would be a plus. I know I was watching the food channel one time and they had this place (I'm 99% sure it was in Atlanta) but it was some place that had been around since the 50's or so, and a lot of people from there love it. Hopefully someone knows what I'm talking about.

    I'll be traveling with my gf... so no clubs or anything like that, but a good place to have a drink would be nice. Also, it doesn't necessarily have to be in Atlanta.. just nothing over 100 miles away please.
  2. you'll love little 5.

  3. just try not to look like a tourist
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    If you're man enough, check out the Clermont Motor Hotel, which hosts the notorious Clermont Lounge. It will be the seediest and most ridiculous strip club experience of your life. Just don't say I didn't warn you.

    EDIT: Lol here's some quote I found

    "There are some places where the normal laws of the world no longer apply. Some places transcend time and space and throw physics and indeed common sense out the window. The Clermont Lounge is such a place."

    Double EDIT: It's pretty close to little 5 too (which sucks in my opinion, clermont lounge is awesome though).
  5. 5 points seems like a place my gf would love, so we def gonna hit that place up.

    She might not be so fond of the Clermont, although now I am intrigued by it. :laughing:
  6. Only thang i can tell you is driving down 75 through there is fucking insane.
  7. Now that you mention it, I recall someone telling me about that not too long ago.

    I'll be sure to avoid it during rush hour for sure...
  8. Main, I drove it before, That was a stressful situation homie trust. I deal with fucked driving left n right here in Detroit. Red lights mean go here. We dont stop for shiet. Potholes that'll take your whole car, Crazy ass mother fuckers.

    But driving through 75 in atlanta is something i hope i never have to do again.

    I drove 75 all the way from springwells in southwest Detroit to Florida.

    Had some nice views in kentucky/tennesee and shiet. Roughed a couple fools up in tennesee in some 'hood' and met some cool folks in georgia. Atlanta wasnt 'rough' to me, But damn driving through 75 was fucked main. Got to Florida and seen palm trees and geckos for the first and only time in my life. One of the best times in my life.

    But fa sho, That shiets crazy, Avoid at all costs if ya can.
  9. I heard it was bumper to bumper, everyone going like 85 - 90 mph.

    What part of TN you roll through ? I'm guessing Knoxville or Chattanooga or somewhere out east anyway. Never got a chance to check out that part of the state.
  10. Its been a LONG time since ive been there and it was only one time, And i honestly dont remeber. I just remeber i took 75 south the whole way. But i stayed in i wanted to say one of the most northern citys of Tenn, Or maybe it was one of the most southern cities, I want to say northern though. It was some smallish hillbilly ghetto place. A buncha skinny white dudes driving around in pickup trucks and in the beds of the trucks running off at the mouth n shiet. A group of dudes ran up on me n my bro and pops at the time. Shiet 6-7 of them. And the three of us put them in a world of hurt and went to this ghetto motel and got drunk and smoked trees. I deff remeber chattanooga though.

    I like them states though, Shiets got interesting places to look at. Driving through the mountains and shiet it was something nice, Different from the industrial shiet im used to. Shiet the toughest spot i was in from leaving detroit was in ohio.
  11. Yeah, that's why I love the south, and especially TN. Incest jokes aside, Arkansas is one of the more beautiful southern states too.

    A lot of ignorant ass people down here, but I guess that's everywhere. Can't wait to get outta Texas man, only staying here for now because of my job.

    Closest I ever been to Detroit was St. Louis... that's a pretty tough spot from what I seen. Roughest place I ever been is Juarez Mexico. I nearly got beaten to death down there (got jumped and I don't remember who did it or why it happened) fucking crazy shit mane.
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    Alright well, if you like stir-fry, and unlimited create-your-own stir-fry in a classy atmosphere sounds amazing, check out Chow Baby.. one of my favorite restaurants in ATL.

    There's also the Sundial restaurant, which is a big rotating space needle with expensive food. But you get a 360-degree view of the city. It's very cool at night.

    Five Points has a few interesting places; the rasta store is probably the best. And Vortex has great hamburgers.

    If you're down with underground Atlanta hip-hop, or graffiti art, The Bench is a very cool place. They have shows every Friday night with lots of different artists, and lots of weed-smoking.

    I can't really think of much else; if you want touristy restaurants and shops head to Buckhead. There's an Indian restaurant with pillow dining and hookah somewhere around midtown. Forgot the name though..

    If you want to see a cool view of the city, visit Piedmont Park and sit on the bench along the trail with your girl. It's pretty badass when the sun is going down; most of the skyscrapers in the distance towering over a small pond while the sun slides right between them.

    That's all I got.
  13. You gotta check out Little 5.. and if you do, eat at the Vortex :D

    the aquarium is very nice, I went the first year it opened and enjoyed it, I'd like to go back soon.. the CNN tour is pretty interesting, and it's like right across the street from the aquarium.
  14. The vortex's burgers are the only good part of little 5. If your girl is open minded though, give the Clermont a try. Last time I was there, a black girl with blonde pubic hair crushed a beer can between her tits. That is a special brand of debauchery that is hard to find (trust me I moved to new orleans, the sin capital of the southeast)
  15. you should really go to a braves game
  16. Ahh, you must be talking about Varsity's.

    It's actually been around since 1928. But to tell you the truth, I've eaten there a few times and the food there is really not that good at all.

    I'm mean, it could be good if you're starving balls, but other than that, it's not all it's hyped up to be. The fries are soggy potato slicings that are practically injected with grease and the burgers aren't that good either.

    Sorry if I spoiled it for ya, just trying to give you a heads up.:)
  17. Yeah, that's the place. Appreciate it.

    Adding the Vortex, Chow Baby, and Sundial to the list for sure.

    I would, but they won't be playing in December.

    I have 2 Falcon's games on the list though.

    Anyone know the best tour to check out if you want to hear about the history of Atlanta ?
  18. thrashers game is cool to maybe go to the cheetah :cool: and netherworld if its still open(doubt it will be)

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