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  1. So my dr. put me on ativan for my nerves, im not trying to take it to get high, I just want to know if anyone has any experience with it
  2. Lorazepam is amaaazing. Strongest of the benzos, especially where retrograde amnesia is conerned, though nto as long lasitng as Clonazepam.
  3. When he says its strong, he is not kidding. I can take 3mgs and forget what I did the whole day. The most I have ever taken is 7mg. That was some fucked up shit.
  4. ya, its not the strongest benzo. but i like it, esp with a few beers. what does the doc have you on 2mg a day
  5. Im schitzophrenic, and have really bad anxiety attacks since the divorce., 2mg a day total. 0.5mg pills though.
  6. it's good stuff. i don't know if it is the "strongest" of the benzos but it is the fastest acting if my memory serves. 10+ years ago i used to have the hookup on 2mg pills and i took alot of them. i love benzos but i have to be careful with them in the same way as i do with alcohol. it impairs my memory, coordination and decision making in ways marijuana never will.
  7. Either Lorazepam or Clonazepam.

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