Discussion in 'General' started by UglyInfidel, Dec 16, 2003.

  1. I found some Ativan in my house, and i can't find too much information about it. All i know is that is it related to valium (ativan is a benzo, as is valium) and it is used in much lower doses (.5-2mg) The pills I have are each 1mg each. I have 2 of them... will 2mg get me a buzz going, or will i have to take more? If i have to take more, it shouldn't be a problem i can probably find some more. I have done valium before and i loved it. I hope this gives me pretty much the same effects...
    Comments? Suggestions?
  2. yeah, i already tried searching erowid, and i couldn't find anything about the dosage, and i also couldn't find any experiences with lorezapam on that site. So anyone have any experience with this drug that can help me out? let me know if you do. thanks.
  3. i have a script for 1mg ativan...takes me atleast 1 1/2 to "feel" it but it's a nice mellow feeling w/o the smoke is prescribed as an anti-anxiety med so basically it's an Rx chill pill :D
  4. Hey, thanks fo the help. So you think if i take about 2, i'll be feeling it, but not too fucked up... right? haha. Man i can't wait to try these out. I would try it right now, but i'm a little fucked up on vicodin, and i don't know if mixing ativan and vikes would go too well. haha
  5. the only time i mix vics and ativan is when im ready for bed but yeah bein u haven't taken ativan before make sure u got nuthin else planned and dont take more than 2mg at a time they are a depressant and it's very strong for such a small dose as in all depressants if takin too many u could have resperatory failure...jus be careful specially coz i'm sure ur tokin on top of it...i do too but then all i wanna do is SLEEP :D peace~toke on :smoke:
  6. hah yeah i think i'm only going to take 1 1/2 because i mean it will be my frst time and all. But hey thanks, your info helped alot cause i couldn't find a damn thing about ativan on erowid or any other website. and yeah, hah you guessed right, i am going to be tokin up.. haha

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