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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by boarderhotty420, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. ok so i have this friend and he is interested in smoking/trying the great green herb. the only setback is he has athsma. i would make brownies but it takes a lot of weed and is a pain in the ass. i dont have money for a vaporizer. i have a normal glass pipe and a glass bat. does anyone have some suggestions? would it be ok if we just smoked? he doesnt carry around an inhaler or anything. any suggestions are greatly appreciated:smoking:
  2. my cousin is a bad asthmatic and he claims it helps him.
  3. I have some wierd sort of undiagnosable asthma, and to be honest, since I've started smoking, my breathing is actually better. I know a LOT of people with asthma that smoke and are just fine. The initial breaking in of the lungs can be a little harsh but from there it's smooth sailing.

    If he's never smoked anything before, have him smoke a cigarette just to help with that process and give him the idea of what smoking is all about.

    Good luck:D
  4. Well if he has his inhaler on him at all times, why not give taking a couple small rips a chance, and if he has an attack, or any restriction, whip out the inhaler and everything SHOULD be fine. That is my $.02.
  5. Please do not have your friend start off with a cigarette, I should not need to explain why!

  6. No. . .I think you should. . .
  7. you probably smoke bro ...dont start with cigs man....smoking pot relieves some seizures dont need no stinking cigs...
  8. Yeah it would be fine, just make sure he hits it little, Like small tokes. Just to see how he reacts and feels, wait a little to make sure nothing bad happenes(You can trip, i do all the time). And from there on work your way up, Then let him take bigger tokes, and he will be all ready next time (Y)

  9. And yeah true, Smoking cigs are terrible....

  10. Cannabis is an effective treatment for asthma, and may medical patients have recs for it.
    Its been used as an asthma treatment since the 1800's

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  11. Nah, I don't. But when I first started blazing a while ago, being someone with asthma, smoking(anything) was virtually impossible. You'd go to inhale and the smoke would just stop right before hitting your lungs and nonstop coughing would ensue.

    One cigarette won't do anything. All I'm saying is to get used to inhaling by smoking a cigarette. Break in your lungs.
  12. i have asthma and i been smokin for over 10 years.... helps me personally. shouldnt affect him too much.... just tell him to take it easy on the pipe at first till he gets a hang of it
  13. just make sure he doesnt smoke too much, if you think he is then dont give him any more. when i first smoked with my cousin who was only 16 at the time, he took too many pulls off the joint and started freaking out and spoiled my buzz too. give him a few pulls then tell him to wait 5 mins and see how he feels.
  14. is he prone to attacks? if not then hes fine my mom has asthma and she smokes 3/4 a pack of ciggarettes a day
  15. i havea athsma and i blaze err day, joints pipes bongs, even just did BHO straight a for a while

    i dont carry a puffer and im fine so far and ive been blazing everyday for almost 3 years now..

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