Athiest, would you trust your Govenrment?

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    Governments routinely murder millions

    i read so much crap from atheist about all the killing done in the name of religion. funny how they forget all the other stuff from history.

    Here's a short list of government mass murder carried out throughout history, almost always immediately following the disarmament of the public (and usually involving staged false flag events to justify the disarmament):

    50+ million dead: Mao Ze-Dong (China, 1958-61 and 1966-69, Tibet 1949-50)
    12+ million dead: Adolf Hitler (Germany, 1939-1945) - concentration camps, civilian deaths and dead Russian POWs
    8+ million dead: Leopold II of Belgium (Congo, 1886-1908)
    6+ million dead: Jozef Stalin (USSR, 1932-39)
    5+ million dead: Hideki Tojo (Japan, 1941-44)
    2+ million dead: Ismail Enver (Turkey, 1915-22)
    1.7 million dead: Pol Pot (Cambodia, 1975-79)
    1.6 million dead: Kim Il Sung (North Korea, 1948-94)
    1.5 million dead: Menghistu (Ethiopia, 1975-78)
    1 million dead: Yakubu Gowon (Biafra, 1967-1970)
    900,000 dead: Leonid Brezhnev (Afghanistan, 1979-1982)
    800,000 dead: Jean Kambanda (Rwanda, 1994)
    See more at:
    The worst genocides of the 20th Century

    How many of these mass murderers were 'religious' people?

    Where would you put leaders like Bush who perpetuated murders of local americans by staging 9/11 and then followed up with more killing of afghans and iraqs in 'retaliation' for the 'attack'?

    What about that idiot president in charge during vietnam when so many innocent vietnamese were murdered by the americans, in the name of 'democracy' (actually just plain ol' $$$ capitalism)?

    Since WW2, America's foreign policy has created more violence & destruction for mankind than the crusades ever could. all this action draped in blood and covered up with nice terms like "democracy, freedom, national interest" haha

    What would make an atheist hate a religious person more than a politician? those atheist who blame religion/God for all the violence/sadness/misery in the world have merely chosen a convenient target, an outlet for all their miserable feelings (caused by their own actions) accumulated in this life.

  2. I trust nobody.
  3. I don't really understand how this turned out to be an anti-atheist post, all you've stated is that people with ridiculous amounts of power to ridiculously stupid amounts of things. Like, religion has caused a lot of deaths with stupid wars. Arguably, so has patriotism.

    I'm utterly confused about how this is a "see atheists suck" post, unless I'm missing the point
  4. Oh just read that part. Clearly they arnt blaming all violence on religion..... Just alot of it. Read a history book. Look at the middle east/isreal

    Obviously violence comes from other sources...
  5. Relgion...Politicians...most atheists I've met, read etc. dislike both. Equally.
  6. every political leader is a mere puppet. who is the puppet master? call me what you want but I say it's the illuminati. go ahead and say they don't exist, but show me that there's proof that there a myth and I'll believe you. they want a "new world order" and send us subliminal messages through common pop culture and the media that reveal their plans. the more people are aware of it, the more people will think its crazy
    and discredit them until our country goes to shit
  7. I see your point, and raise you

    every religious person did 9/11

    ps. this is an intentionally stupid statement. i did it on purpose, to show a point.
  8. You got your facts wrong man, stalin killed way more than 6 mil
  9. God bless America.

    Religion is the fourth branch, the cartels are the fifth branch.
  10. Find me an atheist leader who committed mass murder..
  11. Stalin
  12. Dude. Most atheists are deep enough to know that politicians are corrupt scumpuppets. We just see that religion has also caused mass suffering. I'm not a fan of either.
  13. I see the point to this thread as "hate is bad".

    And I agree!
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    For some reason everybody thinks Hitler was an atheist.

    “by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord”
    -Adolf Hitler

    “I am now, as before, a Catholic and will always remain so.”
    -Adolf Hitler
  15. Mother, should I trust the government?
  16. So atheists are responsible for some atrocities. By that logic, theists are responsible for all the rest. So I guess the point is: theist or atheist, you can't trust the government?
  17. A dictators personal beliefs on this subject is of no importance- because either way, they're still a dictator.

    I don't trust any government. :)
  18. Anyone who was training to be a priest, I couldn't really call them an atheist. If you research it, it seems he was more agnostic and/or angry at believers for being rejected. Not only that, Communism is about control and you can't have control if you have various other organizations telling your people what's right and wrong and what to do. I'd be willing to believe that he was really a believer but was acting more along the lines of a Communist leader rather than atheist.. Try again.
  19. PS - I really would like to know of a true atheist leader who committed horrible things. An atheist who didn't become an atheist through the way they wanted to run their government or rejection and anger, but someone who got there through logic.
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    from wikipedia:

    Although raised in the Georgian Orthodox faith, Stalin was an atheist. Stalin followed the position adopted by Lenin that religion was an opiate that needed to be removed in order to construct the ideal communist society. His government promoted atheism through special atheistic education in schools, anti-religious propaganda, the antireligious work of public institutions

    You can guess all you want, he seems far from religious to me.

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