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  1. wrong place to post (i think)

  2. "This forum is for discussion of various topics that might be controversial for some members. If you don't want to play with Pandora, don't come to the Box. "
  3. First one to vote HELL YEAH!!:hello:

    Theres No God,Just Weed :smoke:
  4. I don't know what reality is. You need an idk choice.

    The Judeo-Christian God is a bad guess.
  5. my belief:

    earth was lucky. life happened because it could, and evolution took control. humans got smart enough to the point where our primary concern isent about survival (like it is with animals). because survival became too easy for humans, people needed some sort of explanation to life, and humans made religion/god.


  6. No one knows what there really is or isn't am I right...?
  7. we are all connected...

  8. Agreed. Quantum physics mother fucker. :cool:

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