Atheists, Better people? smarter?

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  1. From my expieriences i have found that people into an afterlife and a God are some of the biggest dicks although all there bibles preach peace and tolerance. Im not saying all are but it seems to me when i meet an atheist they are more open minded about things and deal with there own shit by themselves instead of praying or begging for a higher power to help them out. Does anyone else See this?
  2. I live in Texas and I dont even know what you're talking about
  3. yah man i must be way too high lol
  4. Not all Christians are pacifist :rolleyes:

    Sometimes, you just need to take matters into your own hands :devious:
  5. While I respect everybody's choice to believe what they want, my experience has been the same as yours.
  6. It seems no one is who they should be, Christians, should take up in Christs example, and live by His word, they might be assholes because they might not be practicing their own religion right. Christ said to love, and He also said to bring people into the light. But He also said don't cast your pearls before swine. They seem to deal with a lot of swine because they're out preaching to people who don't care, and they seem to be going nowhere. He said to let your light so shine so shine before men, so that they would look upon it, and want to come into it, then convert them. They shouldn't be out on the streets, risking their dignity, just to bring people into the word, when they might not be doing it right. Christ said that those who hold the Way, would remain until the end. These days might be the days of the beast, the new world order, and that many people would become evil, and vain, blasphemous and ignorant. But those who have the light would endure. They should be focusing less on spreading the word, and focusing more on helping their family and Christian friends endure. No burden would overtake anyone, that is not common to man, and for whatever it is, God provides a way out.
  7. Atheists, people. That's all. Not better, not worse.

    --An atheist
  8. Hmm, Atheists are better people and smarter.

    Boy, that can't get any more black and white. Just sayin...
  9. Isn't this something that could be verified with data? Y'know, measuring crime rates or intelligence against a group's religiosity? Sure, it seems to me that, generally, the less religious someone is the smarter and nicer they are. But perhaps you readers have different life experiences. Maybe you folks frequently encounter brilliant, compassionate fundamentalists as well as idiotic, stone-throwing atheists.

    I doubt the data could show that though. Someone more awake than me, get to it. :hello: chop chop
  10. Pointless argument. Their is people with all sorts of beliefs that vary in intelligence and kindness.
  11. atheists are self employed

    religious are in a union
  12. let my whisper in your ear
    all the things your little ear wants to hear
  13. Atheists seem to be obsessed with christians.
  14. Christians seem to be obsessed with Atheist.
  15. say goodbye, the ceilings leaving
  16. Catholics seem to be obsessed with little boys...
  17. The atheists who are obsessed with Christianity may be those who are rebelling against their Christian upbringing or just unaware that all religions are equally irrelevant to them.
  18. Indeed, +rep
  19. true dat :D

  20. I am one of those atheists who are obsessed with Christianity, as Christians control much of our policies in the government.

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