Atheist= ? about marriage

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  1. So im sure that my future wife HAS to be an atheist 2 because i dont want my kids to believe in god,so my question is:

    Would you marry a christian chick(guy)?
  2. Christian chicks are fuckin hot, I'd tap that shit fa sho.

    But would I marry that shit? Na, mane, naa.
  3. yea i would fuck them up but not marry them,the relationship would be a desaster IMO.
  4. What suburb do you dwell in which they speak like this?
  5. No way I would get married.
  6. I married a Mormon, and I'm a Jew.

    Have fun trying to find "the one" with such qualifications. You might pass over the girl that's meant for you just because you said "yuck, she's a Christian."
  7. ive pretty much been athiest/agnostic since i was 14. i have developed my own ways of living my live. my own standards and such. im sure you know what im tlking about.

    but its hard to find chicks worth dating that have similar ideals. so i have to compromise a little here and there. currently im with a muslim raised girl. we have talked about getting married. fuck we basically are. but we chose not to cuz i dont care to for tax reasons.

    but she doesnt practice the islamic faiths or anthing and i told her our son wont be going to church, cuz i wont be taking him and he surely wont be going to sit on his knees to worship some hate mongering god. she agrees. she doesnt think islam is the best thing but she does still have some faith in her i can see.

    i dont have a problem with it. it pretty much comes down to tolerance. but if you can both agree that religion is not going to be part of your relationship then you could be ok.
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    I'm atheist and I don't think I could marry anyone that's more religious than an agnostic. I think that it would kinda get in the way of the relationship at some point before we got anywhere close to marriage.

    And I like how the only options the OP gives are atheist and christian. There's alot of religions out there man.

    Lol one of my best friends talks like that. It's definitely a suburban thing because out in like Oakland or San Francisco no one would say that shit.

    EDIT oh shit my next post is gonna be my 1000th post. Gotta find an awesome thread :D
  9. I could marry a christian girl no problem as long as shes not in my face about her beliefs. If shes a laid back christian like many of the ones I know then her beliefs really wouldn't affect the relationship much. If shes even slightly, "Oh thank god that happened, without god this, or thank god that" then its a no go because that chaps my booter.
  10. Wait did i forgot to write ATHEIST?? no its there,i guess some people dont know how to read
  11. True love is sees no color, religion, etc...if you truly love someone, you can overlook your differences and learn to work with it..

    As far as children...just like most everyone I matter what you teach them as a child, when they begin to form their own mind and opinions, they will figure out what they believe or don't believe on their own...I was raised in church and taught religion...hogwash if you ask me, but I don't judge others on the basis of their beliefs
  12. I allow my children to make up their own mind on religion. I am not so egotistical to believe that my way is the only right way, so I give them all the information I can on any particular subject (religion, drugs, sex) when they are old enough and mature enough in my eyes and then let them decide for themselves. ;)
  13. Ehh...

    As long as she's not trying to force it on my or our kids I don't give a shit.
  14. I tried a relationship with a religious girl once. I thought it might work because she was Bi and belonged to a very liberal congregation. She wasn't able to leave the topic alone though, and eventually it was the end of us when she made a snarky comment about Science. :-/
    I wouldn't get married or have kids anyway though, so I guess that rules out being with a religious chick for any serious amount of time anyway.
  15. You have a kid don't you? Just marry her!!!!:cool:
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    I would ideally prefer it if she didn't push religion on any kids we might have, but the religion of my kids isn't a make-or-break issue for me as long as they're not being raised to be like crazy fundy creationists or anything.

    She could even be Catholic, if she were the variety that knows without a doubt I'm going to fry in Hell but has the decency to not say so to my face.
  17. I dated a christian chick and it wasnt bad, she knew i was an atheist and she never bothered me about religion the most she ever did was ask if i wanted to go to church with her. Then i dated an evangelical christian girl, my word of advice on them is turn and run. They are extremely closed minded and rude. Everytime i went to her house i was ridiculed by the entire family, even though they had talked to me for maybe 5 minutes.
  18. I would marry someone because of our connection, not their religious beliefs.
    If they truly love you they will respect you and not turn religion/atheism/etc into an issue that could harm your relationship.
  19. No, I don't think I could. I need a woman who is a better critical thinker than that. To me it's not JUST about the religion, as it doesn't really matter which one it is. What matters to me is the fact that the girl believes in an imaginary "god," while I believe in science. It would be like marrying a girl who was anti-pot. Yeah, right!
  20. As long as she respects my lack of religion, I can respect her use of religion. As long as no one tries to convert the other, it's all good.

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