ATF Full Melt Ice Water Hash @ Nomad's Landing

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    We recently took down a small ATF plant, which we had probably left up drying for a bit too long... the buds were really larfy and we only got about 2 ounces of trim out of it... it smelled great, but was completely covered in dirt.

    I was initially considering trying a warm water pre-rinse in order to get some of the dirt off... but decided against it after watching my associate, bottlekap, try doing a pre-rinse on some other dirty trim with little effect...

    Anyways... getting to the point... even though I felt kinda silly doing it... I spun the whopping 2 ounces of trim... the output was tiny, as expected... it was extremely sticky right from the get go... it didn't even really wanna come off the screen on my bags... and after going through the pressing screen, it was extremely hard to break apart for drying... normally I just use a card to chop it up... but this time I had to literally rip it apart by hand...

    Here are some shots:
    atf 100 on plate rough.jpg 1st 100 micron pull... still on the drying plate
    atf 100.2 on plate rough.jpg 2nd 100 micron pull... still on the drying plate
    atf 120 on plate rough.jpg 1st & 2nd 120 micron pulls combined... still on the drying plate
    atf on wax rough.jpg 1st 100 micron pull... I tried to press it with wax paper... but it was too sticky... it was damn near impossible to get it off after doing this... and I was picking out tiny pieces of wax paper with tweezers afterwards...
    atf 100.2 on plate pressed rough.jpg 2nd 100 micron pull... stuck to my finger after pressing & one more of it sitting back on the plate afterwards... it was still kinda hard getting this one off the wax paper... but definitely nowhere nearly as difficult as the 1st pull...

    OK, so I stuck the 1st and 2nd 100 pulls in a jar to cure... Also... just because I only put up pictures of the 1st+2nd 100+120 micron... doesn't mean the rest of it was garbage... I pulled quality product from the following screens (in order from best to worst):

    1st 100
    2nd 100
    1st+2nd 120
    3rd+4th 100
    Pulls 1-4 combined on my second 100 screen (I was using 2 hundred screens, one after another)
    3rd+4th 120
    1st 73
    2nd 73
    3+4 73

    There was also lower end smoking quality hash in my 45 and 160 micron bags... prob around a 3 star, going by the oakland star rating system... call me a snob... but I personally don't really wanna smoke it

    I only pulled food quality hash out of my 190 and 25 screens

    I was also planning on checking it out under a scope for dirt particles... but I kinda doubt there are any... and again... this is WITHOUT doing a warm water pre-rinse...

    I cured the 1st and 2nd 100 micron pulls in a jar... overnight I got them to a form we like to call obsidian glass:
    atf 100.1+2 cured in jar rough.jpg the 1st 100 pull is the one on the bottom and the 2nd pull is on the top
    Well after all that... we decided to smoke it

    Here's a shot of the 2nd pull in the bowl... unfortunately I didn't get a good picture of the first pull in the bowl...
    atf 100 in bowl rough.jpg
    And of course... there's a video... it's the 1st and second hit... prob shoulda just let the camera keep rolling all the way through... but I ended up just joining the 2 videos together...
    [ame=]ATF Full Melt @ Nomad's Landing - Tester Bowl - YouTube[/ame]

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  2. Major props. That's some damn fine hash.

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