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Ate my first brownie?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Forresthaven, May 10, 2010.

  1. Hey so on friday i had off from school, went to my grandma's and ate my first brownie. This was my second time with bud, i smoked it the first time from a bowl, and didnt get high. So i cut the brownie in 4s, since i was hoping this is the first time i would actually feel it. I ate one fourth, 30 minutes later at a half, then 20 minutes at the last fourth. I wasnt feeling anything within the hour. But then, while watching TV i sort of just hardcore zoned out. It felt like i couldnt remember things that just happened and was just laying there like wtf is going on. My cousin said i was almost unresponsive. I dont really remember to much, but the answer im looking for is whether or not i was high or not? Thanks.
  2. You sound like you were fuckin stoned dude haha

  3. haha re-read your post, and im sure you'll realize you were baked as fuck!
  4. Does that happen to you sober?
  5. damn dude. unresponsive? did your grandma make the brownie. either way yes you went to the moon. welcolm to heaven.
  6. Unless you were temporarily induced a coma, then you were probably high.
  7. are you fucking dumb u were obviously high lol.. that doesnt sound like sober behavior does it
  8. Damn dude 9 post and already talking shit. whats your deal. if i didnt know any better id say you are either younger than 18 and still in high school mode or are just very insecure. NOBODY is here to hurt you, its not the town you live in its the internet.
  9. Actually it does! Well for me that is..
  10. when you look into space, you know your stoned. i mean who looks in space and smiles when they're sober?

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