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ate blunt. will i be ok

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by goldenbudz, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. long story short i almost got caught so i had to eat a blunt. I heard nicotine is dangerous to ingest. Im an average build average weight 19 year old male. Im not shitting myself scared but could i have poisoned myself.

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  2. u gonna be okay, the only problem that would seriously damage your health is eating it while it is still burning.
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  3. @goldenbudz
    Unlikely you ingested enough to do anything. If you don't puke it up in the next hour your good to go. Usually eaten tobacco just results in some minor vomiting like if you swallow some redman chew by accident.
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  4. Your all good. Hell, your next shit will have enough paper in it you won't need to wipe!
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  5. OP doesn't sound 19. Almost got caught so eats blunt lol.
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  6. you are good man. you are just going to be high from that.
  7. Yes tell your parents what happened but recreate the situation so they can watch you eat the next one, this time follow up by eating a grape wrapped in a banana peel dipped in soy sauce, by the time you get to this point reality should have set in, it was just some weed man, shit, eat some more.

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  8. Depends on which kind of wrap it was,

    Swisher sweet

    Dutch master

    Back wood


    All have different affects labeled on the wrapper. You need UV light to see it.

    Let me know when you have all of the items and we can go from there.
  9. Idk my mate rolled it and gave it to me as a gift

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    yeah almost caught by the cops and I've already been caught twice so i go to prison third time

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  12. You'll be alright :love-mj2:
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    i dont think you would go to prison if you have three weed charges. unless you have like felony possession of marijuana three times.
  14. No need to worry. Snus (or snuff) are batches of high-nicotine tobacco applied to the gums, and no one has died of swallowing their saliva after taking that shit - yet.

    Edit: Not what I've heard of.
  15. i live in the uk where possession is one strike: warning, two strikes: fine, and three strikes, huge fine and prison. Funny thing is my second strike was just for having a roach in my car

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  16. That is a stupid rule for 420 happy people in the UK. Weed is not hurting anyone.
  17. I know, my town is full of stoners so theres a bunch of cops checking for weed. they sent a riot team to my mates house just for one plant

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  18. That is ridiculous for one plant. It is not that serious.
  19. ROLF. I'm dying

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    You the one that got caught twice.
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