Ate all my bag seeds....

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Rastafurry, May 15, 2010.

  1. So im sitting here, smoking on some nice homegrown blue berry kush, and after two weeks of midgrade smoking, i have a nice shot glass full of healthy looking seeds i was planning on germinating in the next week. So im sitting here, and i grabbed a seed and ate it. Then, i continued......... And I just realised what i have done! Theres like 4 seeds left....

    Ive been fucking munching on seeds.....:smoking::smoking::smoking:

    So does anyone actually enjoy eating seeds? or am i just that baked?
  2. It's been food for thousands of years for a reason...
  3. Well I guess they're rich in oils like most seeds... not gonna be gettin you high though.
  4. How do they taste?
  5. Maybe if you are lucky a plant will grow out your ass.......

  6. Lolz :D
  7. I wasnt trying to get high, i just like to chew. Wether its gum, a weed stem, or in this case a shot glass full of seeds.
  8. Yeah, some dude in my class brought in a bag of midseeds and was eating them. He said they were like sunflower seeds with a kick.

    Not my cup-a-tea though.
  9. if i had extra seeds id probably do that. someone once told me they were extremely healthy.
  10. Yea,I've heard they're pretty healthy too.

  11. ya.. a magical plant sprouts from it :p they must be packed with nutrients
  12. I always eat my seeds, mmmm amino acids.

    I drink hemp protein sometimes too, although it tastes like moldy asshole.
  13. 33% Protein.. damn i gotta start
  14. They have pictures of hemp seed soups on wikipedia lol.
    Apparently it's got a ton of vitamins and minerals for your body.
    Eat the males, grow the females :cool:
  15. :D:D:D Someone is going to make that a sig.:smoking:
  16. They aren't bad for ya. Infact, they're very rich in nutrition. So hell, keep eatin' em unless you wanna grow them.
  17. damn i just took out my big baggie full of reggie seeds and ate a handful

    shits pretty good

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