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At what point do you know you are a pothead...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by nodestiny, Jul 3, 2003.


When you smoke...

  1. all day, every day!

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  2. Get blazed only once a day.

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  3. A two or more times a week.

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  4. Once a week, maybe only once every two weeks.

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  5. If you smoke at all, your a pothead!

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  1. Time to vote...

    So how much weed per day/week/month before you are considered a Pothead?
  2. I think it starts when you buy your own....well, that's when I would consider someone a pothead.

    I don't think it matters how much you smoke....sometimes you can't help it, what with not having money/can't find it/have nowhere to smoke/etc... does that make sense?
  3. You turn into a Pothead when nothing else really matters but getting ya next hit.
  4. I think I became a pothead when I suddenly realized I was rolling a j while driving down the road. I was just like "Whoa, shit! I rolled a joint and wasn't even paying attention." I made a thread about it when it happened.
  5. i know im a pothead because i thought i would go one day without smoking and i started freaking out and called up 40 people trying to get rides to get a hookup
  6. i think a pothead are someone that are really in love with Mary Jane :)
  7. im no pot head.......... mearly an addict..... j/k!

  8. Critter's been stoned for over 7 years straight, I think. That's quite a feat!!! :D

  9. I'll second that!!!!!!!!!
  10. I knew I was a pot head when I ordered a pizza. Then another. Then another. Then another. And then another. It's funny how much you can eat when you're a pothead.
  11. i think a key factor to being a pot head is when you look at every thing as being potencil for maken a homade bong.

    It start when your like

    "whoa that bamboo would make a great binger!"

    but leads to

    "WHHHOOAA, dude that tennis raket would make a SWEEAAT bong. . .he, BONG, he thats a funny word"
  12. its just.. something you know. you know you are a pothead when you consider that weed is part of your lifestyle.
  13. i believe you are a pothead when you start buying your own. or all you do is call people to see if they have bud so you can smoke for free.

  14. wow. i always feel like that. i thought i was the only one

  15. That's just as bad! If not worse! :D
  16. You are a pot head if you want to get high every day. or atleast 300 days a year.

  17. i totally agree. you reach a different level of smoking cause you're spending your cash on pot. sometimes that calls for dryspells, but you're still a pothead. who else would save money not eating out so they could buy a bigger bag? :D

    edit: after reading the reat of the posts and we all think alike. maybe you get to be a pothead when you reach this wavelink.
  18. when you realize that whatever situation you are in, could be better if you have some weed on you.
  19. or you have weed on you in any situation, but it would be better if you could smoke it. who here carrys a little in their wallet? *raises hand* I have a little good stuff in my wallet and I have papers for when I have enough on me for a j. I hope I never walk past a drug sniffing dog.

  20. i do that with growboxes too, i'm always checking out easy to acess street lights, and any good stealth box type thing. like when i'm at a second hand store, i always look at furniture thinking "shit, i could seal up those cracks and make a false door here, and put false screw heads in to make it look fixed, and have access for a carbon scrubber up here, and vent exaust out from under this drawer":)

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