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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by BCgrower, Jul 31, 2002.

  1. Well, finally made it out to the "garden" with the camera. Here are a few pics from the big garden. There is a mix of BC Mountain Bud, Lethal Purple, and Super Skunk. Only 6 more weeks to go before harvesting starts. May everyones buds triple in size, and quadruple in potency!!! (by the way my partner and I are both around 6'3" for comparison to plant pics)

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  2. bringing the term tree hugger to a new level

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  3. a new variety I picked up from a fellow grower. Not sure what it is yet, but it seems to be working. Anybody have any ideas as to the strain. I, know, I know, as my friend. Unfortunately he is on a well deserved extended vacation down south so anyone with any ideas let me know. Thanks.

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  4. The field of dreams

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  5. part of "battleship row"

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  6. Thought I would push the boundaries of good taste and say,

    look at the bush on that guy!!!

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  7. playing hide and go smoke in the patch

    1 pound
    2 pounds
    3 pounds

    ready or not, time to roll

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  8. are you looking at my bum you cheeky bugger?!?!!!

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  9. I was looking at your bum....

    Nice plants!
  10. Thats the bomb.

    can you give me some tips on where to hide the stash how offten to water and shit like that.........

    any help will be greatly appted
  11. always glad to pass a little knowledge. what are you planning on putting in your garden? what kind of soil is there? what kind of sun, temperature. lots of factors. what strain? as far as hiding it, well I am lucky because I have hundreds of thousands of acres right outside my back door. keep it away from paths or trails, away from areas that hunters would walk around in, but close enough to water that you are not going to have to lug water too far. these puppies can suck up alot of water. are you going to use a drip system. lots of things to consider. write me back and get a little more specific and I will try to help you as best I can. good luck!
  12. HAHAHAHAHA, *I QUOTE IN JAPANESE* "HOW YOU KNOW SO GOOD"! Nice pics man. By chance do you know what strain those plants are? Mine look exactly the same except yours are a little bigger. Mine come up to my waist. Looks as if you are gonna have a good harvest this year. BeSt Of LuCk!

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